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Despite More Pressing Matters, Trump Still Meddles In Other People’s Business

by Sinisav

DEADLINE – 04/24/2020: Donald Trump is a man that will meddle in everyone’s business. On Friday, it was announced that Randall Stephenson would retire as CEO of AT&T and that he will be succeeded by John Stankey. POTUS gave us his opinion on the matter.

In his Twitter post, Mr. Trump wrote: “Great News! Randall Stephenson, the CEO of heavily indebted AT&T, which owns and presides over Fake News @CNN, is leaving, or was forced out. Anyone who lets a garbage ‘network’ do and say the things that CNN does, should leave ASAP. Hopefully replacement will be much better!”


Source: thedailybeast.com

As you can see, AT&T had little to do with the situation. It was more about CNN, with whom Trump has a war going on, and has labeled them as “fake news.” Stankey is involved with the company for almost a year, being a chief officer since last fall. He was also the CEO of Warner Media, which is closely tied to CNN.

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Stankey was with AT&T during their attempts to merge with Time Warner, a move challenged by Justice Department back in 2018. The government dropped the challenge after it was ruled by the court that the merging could take place.

Donald Trump was on the side that opposed the merger. The reason was as you can guess the close ties that AT&T has with CNN. During his campaign, he often pointed out that he’s not agreed with the merger between Warner Media and AT&T.

Now, the merger is behind him, but the feud with CNN is still well and alive. During Thursday’s coronavirus press briefing, he refused to answer a question regarding North Korea from a CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins. POTUS told her: “CNN is fake news. Don’t talk to me.” Instead of dealing with coronavirus, Trump is on a witch hunt, commenting on issues that do not concern him.

Source: deadline.com