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Damian Hurley Shows That He’s the Spitting Image of His Mother Once Again

by Tracy Finke

The young Damian Hurley has shown once again how much he resembles his famous mother, actress Elizabeth Hurley. The 18-year-old shared photos from his grandmother’s birthday party and stunned his followers with his appearance.

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Damian posted a photo of himself posing with his grandmother, Angela, on her 80th birthday as her family isolated themselves amid a coronavirus pandemic. With a broad smile, he is irresistibly reminiscent of Elizabeth, and his many followers have concluded that he also picked up some genes from his grandmother.

“Happy birthday to my best friend in the world! 80 has NEVER looked this good. I love you Grandma xxx”, he wrote in the caption of the photos.

“Congratulations on your grandmother and genes!”, “You can see that you are grandma and grandson”, “Well, we know that good genes definitely run in the family”, some of the comments read.

Image source: Instagram

Elizabeth also congratulated birthday to her mom on Instagram. As usual, the actress used the opportunity to show off her attributes that she is very proud of.

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Damian is Elizabeth’s only child, and she stated in a recent interview with You magazine that she is blessed to have him in her life.

“I rather think I’ve simply been blessed with a child whose personality gels with mine”, the actress said.

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Damian, whose godfathers are actor Hugh Grant and musician Elton John, signed a contract with Tess Management in 2018 and made his filming debut with makeup campaigner Pat McGrath.

Elizabeth admitted that she had always wanted her only child to follow in her footsteps and that she would support him forever no matter what because she was glad for him to be part of such a creative industry.

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