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Cuomo Brushes Trump Aside – America Doesn’t Need a King!

by Sinisav

The coronavirus wreaked havoc on the US and its economy. We have almost 25,000 deaths, while close to 20 million have lost their jobs. In the midst of all of this, POTUS decided to attack the reporters, and continue his reelection campaign.

President Trump lost his patience, and his latest outburst is the worst since he took over the office. It all started a few days ago when POTUS realized that it’s not his authority to reopen America all at once but that the governors are holding power for each of their states. This brought anger within Trump and he claims that power lies solely on him to put the economy on its feet.


Source: thedailybeast.com

Mr. Trump once again stated that he and his administration did everything within their power to fight coronavirus, blaming the press for claiming otherwise. When reminded of his words that he spoke only a few weeks earlier when he claimed that the virus would miraculously disappear, President simply played dumb.

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Donald Trump finds himself in trenches with governors in what seems to be a power struggle. On one side, we have POTUS who said: “The President of the United States calls the shots.”

On the other side, there are governors such as Andrew Cuomo, who said: “We don’t have a king. We have an elected president. The Constitution clearly says the powers that are not specifically listed for the federal government are reserved for the states, and the bounds between federal and state authority are central to the Constitution — one of the great balances of power.”

Cuomo also took a dig on Trump’s attempts to seize absolute power by saying: “The Founding Fathers didn’t want a king, otherwise we would have had King George Washington.”

Source: cnn.com