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Michael Keaton Wants Donald Trump Out of The Way!

by Sinisav

Hollywood stars just can’t get enough of Donald Trump. The most recent attack is coming from Michael Keaton. The Batman actor wants President Trump “out of the way.”

Keaton indeed did say please, but we’re not sure he meant it. We are talking about his recent Instagram post. The famous actor shared a photo of the 45th US President on his Instagram account, begging for him to move out of the way.

Michael Keaton

Source: exbulletin.com

The Spiderman actor captioned the photo with: “Please. I swear. I’m not even hating or yelling. Just, please get out of the way. No one will get mad. Please. Move out of the way. Please.”

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Michael Keaton is obviously a Democrat supporter as his political attacks are only directed at Republicans. Donald Trump isn’t the only one on his radar. Two weeks ago, he shared a photo of Florida governor Rick De Santis and called him a loser in the process. This photo was captioned with: “Gov De Santis of Florida. How about this loser? My sympathies to all Floridians.”

This is without a doubt a one way street as in some of his other posts, Keaton has only words of praise for Democrat governors such as Andrew Cuomo of New York and Steve Bullock of Montana. Beetlejuice star stated that said that Bullock is doing a great job.

His praise of Montana’s governor was a short one. Still, Cuomo got himself quite a recognition from Michael: “Years ago I was on CNN promoting a movie(can’t remember which one) and Chris Cuomo was just getting off his “shift.” I asked him if his brother Gov Cuomo would run for president. He (wisely) avoided the question. This guy is showing real leadership and with CLARITY. Cuomo-Fauci 2024. Joking(kind of).”

As we said, everything that Keaton shares on Instagram should be taken with a grain of salt as he’s obviously a biased Democrat.

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