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CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Your Home – 2024 Guide

by Ingeborg

There are a series of functional exercises and routines that you can practice at home and that are associated with the practice of CrossFit.

Many such places in the United States are located in portals and garages.

Performing some Crossfit routines at home can be a perfect complement to tone the body and gain more resistance and elasticity.

Practicing Crossfit routines at home can give you many extra points when working out in a limited space.

Let’s see those:

  • Why do CrossFit at home? Advantages of training at home
  • The best Crossfit training you can do at home is the one that does not require any material.

These are the Crossfit exercises that you can do from your living room:


Exercise #1. – Burpees

You can do the 7 minutes AMRAP of burpees, the WOD workout of the 150 burpees by burpees that consists of doing one burpee in the first minute, two burpees in the second minute, three burpees in the third minute and so on.

How far are you willing to go?

We know that burpees are an ideal exercise to improve the cardiovascular system without leaving your site. With each burpee, we work various muscle groups such as the chest, back, arms, shoulders, etc. So we can say that burpees are one of the top exercises to practice CrossFit at home. Also, strongchap.com offers you plenty of valuable information regarding this matter.


Exercise #2.- Squats

That is a great exercise to work the leg and gluteus.

If you don’t have much mobility yet, do exercises where you can stretch your ankles and psoas and try to break the parallel. Adding strides and jumps are an excellent way to intensify this exercise.

If you have 5-liter bottles of water or oil, you can take it like dumbbells and add more intensity. It all depends on your degree of motivation to train.

Exercise #3.- Sit-ups

They are the best-known exercises to strengthen the abs.

In this case, we recommend a mat, carpet, or towel so that you do not hurt your back. Sit-ups are a complete exercise and very easy to do, a CrossFit routine at home that works.

Exercise #4.- Hollow rocks

This exercise is not recommended for beginners.

It consists of achieving a balance of the whole body, keeping the abdomen area contracted. The body will remain in a curved posture.

The abdomen and obliques are worked a lot, but it also requires a lot of strength to practice it correctly.

If you don’t have Hollow rock, perform sit-ups and isometrics until you have enough strength in your abdomen to do this CrossFit workout at home.

Exercise #5.- Isometrics

We continue with the abdomen.

The isometrics allow the middle part of the body to be worked with great depth. Do these exercises over time, and you will notice the results very quickly.

Exercise #6.- Push-ups

The lifelong push-ups.

If you are starting in the world of CrossFit, try with your knees supported, but do not forget to try your best. Better two without knees than 5 with knees.


Exercise #7.- Triceps funds

You can work this muscle, helping yourself with a low chair or with the sofa itself.

The more you stretch your legs, the harder and more complete the exercise will be.

Exercise #8.- Hand Stand Push-ups or push-ups

Although you must do them without slippers, you can practice this CrossFit routine at home and integrate the HSPUs into some training.

You can combine these exercises and perform AMRAP, EMON, or create your WOD at home.


Exercise #9.- Pull-ups

There are bars that you can place on the doors to do pull-ups. On the one hand, there are the extendable bars, and they are also the cheapest option that you can put between the door frames.

On the other hand, there are specific bars to place on the door frames with grips, although the structure must be wide so that it can grip well.

Finally, there is the type of bar that is fixed to the ceiling, which must be made of concrete so that it does not fall, and you must set it very well.

We believe that it’s better to leave the hardest ones for the box since if you do not do them well, you run the risk of chipping a piece of the wall or door frame in addition to taking a good blow.

Exercise #10.- Mobility at home

If you are determined to do some Crossfit exercises at home, you can start by doing those that you will help you reach your goals more quickly.

Working on flexibility in the shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles, etc. will help you perform the exercises with a refined and correct technique and the most crucial thing: without hurting yourself.

Crossfit is also about flexibility.


Disadvantages of doing CrossFit at home

1.- First, because your house is your house, and it is not a box.

Therefore, it is not conditioned exactly to do Crossfit, so you need to control your movements and be very cautious about it.

2.- You have no material:

You can not practice Crossfit even if you do not have the necessary equipment such as a bar, weights, etc. Performing Crossfit routines at home should be a complement to improving your regular workout but could never be replaced.

3.- Demand and motivation:

Training yourself and setting higher standards can sometimes be complicated and even dull. Therefore, your motivation level when carrying out your CrossFit training at home should be at the maximum.


Free Crossfit applications for your mobile

Control your sessions, make routines, and you will see your improvements in no time. If you are going to train at home, there are mobile applications that will help you keep organized and in control of everything you do.

Some great apps show a complete list of WOD’s divided by categories where you can record your results. It also has a clock that calculates the time of each WOD.

If you are thinking of participating in a competition, there are some apps for that too. There, you can record yourself making WOD’s and send it the competitions with your results, your name, and the name of your box afterward. Easy. Right?

The Final Word

Now you know how to do CrossFit at home. And since you have all the necessary information to improve your performance without leaving home, what else do you need?

Knowing how to do Crossfit at home is good, but always keep in mind that these are routines that only can complement and never replace the work you can do in a box.