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7 Home CrossFit Workouts For Best Results

by Nina Smith

Exercising at home was something we all thought it’s impossible, but the current pandemic is showing us how things are much different than we imagined them before. Surely, you can’t take the whole gym equipment at your house, or play football or basketball in an apartment, but surely you can do some CrossFit exercises, yoga, Pilates, low-impact exercises too, and many other options you have with your workout program you prefer. 

Opposite of the popular belief, exercising at home can be pretty effective, like you are at the gym if you are personally dedicated to the results and performance. CrossFit is a popular program that is consisted of workouts of the day (we will call them WODs – just like they are known among the athletes) and if you think it’s impossible to do that from home, then you can visit here and check how it’s done. You can follow instructional videos too, or join a group of live online exercising.

Some of the CrossFit exercises are indeed inappropriate for home workout plans, but as most of the gym places and studios are closed due to the pandemic, exercising at home is the best solution. Most of the workouts of the day can be performed without any additional equipment, so let’s see how it can be done:

1. Interval cardio

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Cardio is always a good way to boost the blood pulse in your body, improving circulation, and filling up every cell with enough oxygen to work properly. Combine running and walking in equal time intervals or distances. The goal is to increase your heart rate and feel your whole body burning. Your body will get pretty warm, so wearing proper sportswear is highly recommended, so it can balance the temperature and sweating.

2. Squats

Another simple, but still effective exercise. The simple squats are done by pressing with the whole foot against the floor, pulling up the booty behind, balancing the whole body until you get a burning sensation on the calves. Then you stand up and sit down in the air, keeping the legs tight all the time, with the knees locked, but still mobile. You should use them just as a support, but the muscles that are targeted are on the backside of the legs. You can start with fewer repetitions, and increase them by five every time you feel ready for that.

3. Full body workout

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Combine the push-ups, squats, and running in series. For example, do 10 push-ups, 10 squats, and run about 200 meters, and then repeat the whole series. Also, expect to sweat a lot, because this one combines cardio and strengthening exercises in one series, and you may have to lower the number of repetitions in the initial phase. But, if you are experienced, you can probably do at least five rounds of the whole plan.

4. Bodyweight combo

Everything works better if it’s turned into a cycle. Start with 10 push-ups, proceed with 10 air squats, then do 10 burpees, and finish the cycle with another series of air squats. Repeat the whole bunch of exercises once again. Use your body weight, but if you feel like you need more resistance, you can wear a weight vest, or ankle weight to improve the results. When exercising at home, your weight is more than enough, so you can equally target every muscle or body area.

5. Full-body decreasing workout

Source: muscleandfitness.com

It’s a combination of the powerful trio of burpees, push-ups, and sit-ups. The trick is to start with 10 repetitions in the first series, and then decrease them. That means the second series will consist of nine repetitions of every exercise, and you go on until you complete the whole WOD with one rep in the final round.

If you want a real challenge, you can do the opposite thing. In the first round, do only one of every exercise, and then increase the repetitions by one in every next round, until you get to 10 reps.

6. Count the minutes

Set a limited time for one repetition. For example, you can choose the 8-minute WOD, which means you have two minutes of push-ups, then you rest one minute, proceeding with 2 minutes’ sit-ups, then another minute rest, completing the cycle with two minutes’ air squats. You don’t count the repetitions, and you are only focused on the time you have to complete the cycle. Take two minutes’ rest, and proceed with the next round. In the beginning, you can do three rounds, but as you go further, the body will “ask” for more, and you can add another one round every few weeks, or anytime you feel you need it.

7. 50 of all of them

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This one is also known as Fantastic 50. What’s the point? This is an ultimate WOD for experienced Cross Fitters, that is time-consuming, and requires a lot of concentration, focus, strength, and balance. You can start with 50 jump tucks, then 50 push-ups, then the squats, the handstands, lunges, sit-ups, and burpees. It’s exhausting, and if you aren’t ready to do all of them, you can start simple, with fewer exercises. The Fantastic 50, as the name says, is for those who have a great condition to handle the pressure, because 50 repetitions are a serious amount of workout. But, the result is a complete body test and balancing the core.

Exercising at home is a real challenge for everyone. You may feel an urge to stop the session, turn on the TV, or even eat something during the time you need to do that. But, don’t forget that working out at home can be equally effective if you are dedicated, and you don’t procrastinate just because the instructor isn’t watching. It’s crucial in these hard times to stay healthy and fit because only a strong and powerful healthy body can fight against the dangerous virus effectively.

So, start with your home workout program today, and don’t underestimate the power of effort, dedication, and ensuring that you are doing the best for your body.