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Critics Claim Trump Looks Unwell, The Belief is He Contracted COVID-19

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 03/12/2020: Donald Trump is going through a rough period. His presidency is shaken by coronavirus pandemic, and people are unsatisfied with the way he handled the situation. Recently it was even suggested that President contracted the named virus. The White House denied the allegations, but POTUS doesn’t look all that good.

During Trump’s latest speech regarding the coronavirus outbreak, netizens noticed that Mr. President is looking unwell. POTUS appears as if he has common flu, but because he recently was in contact with people who were later diagnosed with coronavirus, many suspect that he might have it too.

Donald Trump

Source: washingtonpost.com

One of the first to comment on this was Twitter user @mkrubley, who wrote: “I was just thinking the same thing! Reminds me of the Iranian guy who kept wiping his brow with a hankie during a press conference. The next day, he tested positive for COVID19. None of these guys will admit they’re sick with it. It will be kept secret!”

The video in which Donald Trump announced the new set of measures for dealing with COVID-19 was seen by millions of people. Most people who commented on it believed that Trump definitely caught something.

Twitter user @downsCAM pointed this out: “The @POTUS looked and sounded unwell. Is he sick? Did they tranc him before the speech so he wouldn’t mess up? Investors voted in after-hours trading and sold off again. Trump owned the market when it was bubbled, he owns it now as it deflates.”

Others were unsatisfied with the way President is dealing with the crisis, pointing out that he still downplays its threat and looks only at economic gains.

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Twitter user @nezua couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction: “‘This is not a financial crisis. This is just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.’ – Sad, sick, stupid [expletive] @realDonaldTrump.”

Source: econotimes.com