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6 Things To Have In Mind When Creating A Custom Wedding Ring – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Some couples decide not to go hunt for the perfect wedding rings. Instead, they are working with designers and jewelers, so they can have their rings unique and special for them. That’s why some of them decide to go for a custom creation, so they can pay enough attention to that special moment, and skip the traditional and ordinary rings. Many couples want to be unique with their choice and to stand out from the whole crowd.

Many are able to find the perfect design through the current offer in the stores, but there are those who want to personalize and customize the whole experience, by choosing and assembling individual elements together. In general, they can choose between the different band designs, metals, and stones. That’s the basic step, and after that, everything is in the hands of the jeweler, who will put them all together and make a masterpiece. You can even get inspired by Elgrissydiamonds, because custom jewelry is what they do.

Custom wedding rings are for couples who want to be everything but traditional. Sometimes, the people who are getting married already have an idea of what do they want, but in some cases, they can give some basic instructions to the designer, and hope for the best.

But, some moments can be really tricky, and it’s good to know that:

1. Ask the designer if your ideas can be turned into reality

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Not every idea is easy to be done. Some metals don’t go well together with the stones. There are some tricky moments, but if you find a designer or jeweler you believe, you can be sure no one else in the world will have the same ring. You may have plenty of good ideas, and it’s crucial to work with an experienced designer who will understand your demands, but also be honest if something can’t be done.

2. The assembling process can take a pretty long time

Keep in mind that when you make custom orders, you will usually have to wait longer, even a few months, until they are completed and shipped to you. It’s the same about the wedding rings too. If you need it for the next week or month, then it’s better to consult with the jeweler and find the best design among the pre-ready rings. Designing a custom one requires a few consultations, sketches, making choices, and following the process of making until the ring is in your hand. When you want something made especially for you, you will have to be very patient, and ready for a lot of calls, emails, and visits, until the ring is finished.

3. Always set your budget

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Custom things are more expensive and require more time and money until they are put together. Even when you want to buy a pre-made ring, you have to set the budget and ask for the prices. It’s very easy to fall in love with some expensive piece of jewelry, and not be able to afford it. So, it’s easier to tell the designer and/or jeweler your budget and preferences, so they can know how much freedom you are giving to them. If you don’t set the budget, they will consider it’s unlimited and may use too expensive techniques, materials, and stones, to make your custom ring. Keep in mind that these rings can cost a lot more than the models they already have, so consider thinking twice if you really want to go for a custom order, or you can choose something beautiful from their current offer.

4. Be ready to pay a deposit

Since it takes a lot of time and effort, the designers have a full right to ask you to pay a deposit, so they can start working on the ring. In the end, it’s a business, and they have to be sure you are ready to commit to the process (as you are ready to commit to your partner) and make it for you. If they start working on it, and you decide not to take it, they are losing time and money, and they are precious to anyone who works with clients. On the other hand, always insist on a written contract, so you can be sure all the expenses are listed, and there won’t be additional fees. Always keep your signed copy of the contract in a safe place, in the order you need to use it.

5. Know your spouse’s taste in jewelry

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It’s not enough for you to like it. You need to match your taste and preferences, but also pay attention to the individual details, because you will wear it forever (or in some cases, until the divorce happens). For example, you may like gold and diamonds, but does your spouse love them too? If you aren’t sure, try to examine the jewelry she already has, and create an image of her taste and preferences. If you are buying them together, it doesn’t mean they have to match. Marriage is not about wearing the same ring and matching the stones, it’s a lot more than that, and these pieces of jewelry are just a traditional and formal part of the whole process.

6. Choose the stones and metals

Ask the designer what they have to offer. If you ask for a specific stone or metal, they can still do it for you, but additional expenses will be applied. Then, choose the style, colors, and how you want to narrow the stones down. Ask them for ideas, because no matter how good it looks in your head, it can be completely different after the jeweler will show you the sketches.


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Custom things require additional time and money until they are completed, but what’s important in this case, is the unique approach you have for the whole thing. People are getting married every day, but you have your partner, and you need to show them you want to commit. Not everyone is for expensive diamonds – sometimes usual stones can be an even better and more meaningful choice, but only if you have a good designer and/or jeweler to do that for you.