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10 Tips to Tell if Your Diamond Earrings are Real or Fake – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

“Diamonds are the girl’s best friends” is a saying that is known all over the world. Even those who are not particularly crazy about jewelry like to have some good earrings or a necklace that will complete the outfit on special occasions. Although for many the first association with diamonds is hundreds of tiny diamonds carefully woven into a piece of jewelry that will be the first thing you notice on a person, today there is much more discreet diamond jewelry that exudes elegance and femininity. In any case, there is nothing wrong with this jewelry, no matter what the occasion.

Diamonds are considered to be the hardest gemstones, which makes them suitable for shaping, but also everyday wear.

However, what bothers many is the inability to distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. Read the guidelines below to make this easier.

1. A special glow

img source: businessinsider.com

You may have once heard that a diamond is a blend of fire, brilliance, and reflection. This is exactly the effect that a perfectly cut diamond will have.

2. Color

Many people mix diamonds with zircons and Moissanite. You will clearly know that it is a real diamond if you pay attention to the color because a real diamond does not have it.

3. “Fog test”

One of the characteristics of a real gemstone is that it dissipates heat quickly, so the next test is very useful and will show very quickly whether it is a fake or not. Exhale on the diamond-like when you blur a mirror. If a diamond stays blurred for more than a second, there is no doubt that it is a fake precisely because of the above-mentioned feature of a real diamond.

4. “Water test”

img source: jewellerista.com

Another simple test that shows what it is. You may not know that a real diamond is thicker than a fake stone, which means it sinks faster to the bottom. So, pour in a glass of water and lower the diamond into the glass. It should not stay on the surface.

5.Jewelry magnifying glass

If you don’t have it, you can certainly get it or borrow it at a jewelry store. Although this gemstone looks perfect, in fact, its main feature is the opposite – imperfection. Sure, it’s something you can’t notice with the naked eye, but through a magnifying glass, you’ll be able to. Carefully brush it on all sides and pay attention to whether it has “natural stains” of minerals on it. Sometimes it can be an almost imperceptible change of color in some part. On the other hand, zircons are most often brought to perfection because they were not created in a “natural environment”.

6. Draw a dot

Draw a dot on the paper and try to see it through the stone. No, it’s not good to see her, you better hope otherwise!

7. Newspapers

img source: youtube.com

Another test easy to conduct. Take the newspaper, and put the stone on the text upside down. If you see text or distorted lines under the stone, it is a fake. However, we must say that there is an exception here, depending on how the diamond is cut. For example, if it is cut disproportionately, you will be able to see the text through it.

8. Weight

We said that real diamond has a higher density than fake, and immediately sinks to the bottom in water. But its weight is actually lighter than the fake by almost 50%.

9. Ultraviolet light

img source: 4cs.gia.edu

Unlike a fake diamond that has no color under this light, a real one reflects blue light. But this can also mean that it is a real one but poor quality.

10. The rest of the jewelry is important

It is quite logical that such a precious gemstone will not be placed on a cheap piece of jewelry. Emphasize it is quite important to pay attention to the zig. If there are classic marks for gold or platinum, everything is fine, but if you see the Zig CZ, cancel because it is a mark that says yes, the diamond is not real.

Why do women like diamonds?

img source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

There are many facts that point to this. It is believed that a diamond is eternal and that jewelry with this diamond signifies devotion and eternal love. It is also a symbol of status and a matter of prestige in the female world, a sign of sophistication.

When a man gives such an engagement ring to his beloved, he lets her know that he is able to take care of her financially and provide her with everything he wants.

You may have once heard the comparison that diamonds are just like women – multi-faced, beautiful, long-lasting, shiny, and of wonderful proportions. What we must not forget is the uniqueness that distinguishes them. It is almost impossible to find two identical diamonds precisely because of the above-mentioned imperfect perfection. They are unique, as are women. With diamonds in rare colors, such as pink and blue, that uniqueness is only further emphasized. And they look fantastic!

Final thoughts

Men buy diamonds on the occasion of anniversaries, engagements, and important dates, they choose them with zeal because they know how much they will make the better half happy. And women decide to take this step, to make themselves happy. If they have enough money, they will never opt for other jewelry, gold or silver, for example. Only diamonds are eternal.

The diamond justifies its name, whose root is in the Greek word adamas, which means invincible. It belongs to the first group of precious stones, in addition to rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Most often, a diamond is cut so that it finally gets a round shape, and then it is called a diamond. Expensive jewelry attracts attention to a well-groomed neckline, delicate hands, and a long neck. Buying such a piece mainly means buying self-confidence, superiority, and satisfaction. The glow from the stone can also spread to a woman who, knowing that there is a reason, begins to radiate.