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How Important Are Chairs For Your Wedding Reception? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Weddings are joyous occasions. They also take A LOT of planning. With so much to plan and organize for your special day, you could be forgiven for paying much attention to the chairs you’re going to be using for your wedding reception.

Also, when talking about chairs, according to cvlinens.com, it’s best to pair them perfectly with the best tablecloths for sale at the market. Choose the types of linens that will complement your theme. Your table linens can help set a strong vibe and romantic feel at the venue.

The best weddings, however, are created by bringing together all the different elements of the day, and so it’s difficult to argue that any one element is more important than another. Of course, you need chairs for your wedding reception just as you do other wedding furniture hire such as tables and linen, for instance. Suffice to say that your wedding chair hire is something you need to get right, just as you do the wedding rings, the live entertainment from Alive Network, and the food.

Let’s start with a note of caution. When you book your wedding venue, it’s always good to ask about what is included. Many venues will include wedding table and chair hire as part of your package. But, just before you start celebrating all the money you’ve just saved, you might want to check out the chairs they are providing. Do the chairs match up with the perfect vision of your wedding that you have in mind? Are they the right colour? And the right style?

If not, then you might have to think again, especially if you’re after the classic English wedding look which will involve Chiavari chairs. That said, all might not be lost, as you could potentially look at wedding chair cover hire to cover the old-style chairs you’ve been offered, and even accessorize them with organza ties, bows and sashes, for example.

We’ve just mentioned Chiavari chairs, and it’s impossible to talk about wedding chairs without highlighting these. According to easyeventhireuk.com, Chiavari chairs are by the most popular of all wedding chairs, with the limewash Chiavari chair being the one you find in most glossy bridal magazines and online. They are also generally available in the UK chair hire market in a range of other colours including black, gold, natural and even transparent ‘ghost’ Chiavari chairs, though if it’s the classic traditional English wedding look you’re going for, then limewash Chiavari chairs are for you!


img source: brides.com

It goes without saying that when your guests walk into your wedding reception, you want them to be WOWED! You can achieve this through the layout of your room, the wedding decor, flowers, tableware and of course, your wedding furniture such as tables and chairs. If you’re hiring Chiavari chairs for a wedding, then many chairs hire companies in the UK to offer you the ability to choose your seat pad colour from their range, so whether it’s the classic ivory look you want or be more adventurous with burgundy for your Autumn wedding or gold for your Asian wedding, the choice is yours – these are just a few examples of what is popular.

Not all weddings, of course, are the traditional wedding style – you might be tying the knot in a luxury city-centre venue where the furniture needs to be modern and contemporary – if this is the case, then check out other chair hire designs of which there are many available within the UK event hire market including a type of on-trend chair called the Tolix chair which uses a base-metal design with no seat pad, providing something most definitely different to the norm and which provide a real talking point amongst your guests. Whatever wedding chairs you decide upon, they also need to be top quality, so make sure you stress this when you place your order – the last thing you need on your wedding day is for your chairs to arrive scratched and worn!


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Typically, the wedding breakfast part of a wedding reception will take around two hours. This is enough time for the three-course meal to be served and enjoyed by your guests. It’s then time for the speeches, the cutting of the cake and other formalities before the party gets started. Whatever wedding chairs you choose for your special day, they need to be comfortable for sitting on for this period of time. This is another reason why Chiavari chairs are so popular in that they have the cushioned seat pad which provides a great seating solution for this time period. You’ll also find Chiavari chairs not just at weddings but also at other formal dinners such as gala dinners, society balls and awards ceremonies, for instance.


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And finally, it goes without saying that it’s important to ensure that all your wedding chairs are the same! Work with a chair hire company that is able to provide you with the chairs you want, of the quality you want and in the quantities you need. Of course, this depends upon the size of your wedding, and for guest numbers of less than 150, for example, this is relatively easy. For larger occasions such as Asian weddings, however, which often have 600+ guests, it becomes a little more difficult. That WOW factor you are trying to achieve will only be achieved with matching furniture! So, it’s another point well worth consideration.

So, hopefully, the information above will help you in choosing the best wedding chairs to suit your special occasion. There’s no doubt that chairs are important for your wedding reception, and so you should spend some time working out which are going to be the best for you at your wedding venue. There is plenty of chairs hire companies in the UK who will be able to help you, and so why not also draw on their experience and expertise to guide you. Who does anything these days without using the internet to help you, and so a simple ‘chair hire near you’ search will provide you with a range of companies that you can work with for all your wedding furniture requirements?

As we mentioned at the start of the article, wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience and should never be a hassle. There are people out there to help, so ask the right questions and work with the right wedding services companies, and you’ll be on the right road to a wonderful wedding day. All that remains to be said now is ‘congratulations!’