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How To Create A Cozy Atmosphere In Your Home With Hamptons Decor – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

A distinctive feature of the Hamptons style is that, although it looks exclusive, it is quite easy to perform. High ceilings, natural color palettes, carpets and unlimited space – there is elegance combined with elements related to the marine environment.

The Hamptons style is inspired by the lifestyle of the residents of the luxurious resort town on Long Island and refers to a relaxing maritime climate combining comfort with practicality. Not everyone can afford a house with an ocean view, but with the help of the right accessories, it is very easy to create an interior that brings the image closer to the waves of the sea, blue skies, light sand, and carefree relaxation.

The main features of the style

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To achieve the Hampton style you must avoid elements that may be too formal or clutter. Furniture and accessories should be characterized by free elegance and comfort. Therefore, soft color pillows are an important decorative element. White, shades of beige and blue, and natural materials like linen and cotton will work well in this style. Use ones that have an eye-catching design, such as a blue pillowcase in deep or neutral shades.

Houses by the sea are usually located in very sunny places, so blinds are a must-have. Window decorations should be made from natural high-quality materials. Roman roller blinds will be ideal, as they blend harmoniously with the delicate style of seaside premises, and at the same time, protect the interior and people from the sun on hot summer days.

Color spectrum

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The abundance of sun, proximity to the ocean and the relaxed atmosphere of the Hamptons resort area have formed a very specific color scheme inherent in the interior style. The palette reflects the features of the landscape and nature of the coastal zone. The main color is usually white, symbolizing clouds and sea foam.

Beige is also very common. It is associated with sand and wood and gray, reminds of various shades of stones. There should be details of blue to personify the sea and the ocean and small blotches of green as a reference to the few plants on the beach.

It is worth noting that the Hamptons and the marine style are not the same thing. Contrasting elements of red or deep blue may be present in the marine style, but for the Hamptons style such brightness is unacceptable.

The walls are usually plain, light, pastel. Sometimes they are finished with white or very light wood paneling, but painting is preferable.

Since the Hamptons style reflects the maximum naturalness, wood is suitable for flooring in both light and dark shades. Parquet with imitation of aging will look especially authentic as if the boards were under the sun for a long time and burned out or were constantly washed by salty seawater.

Accessories and decorations for the living room in the style of a coastal house

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The living room is the central room of the house, which is given maximum attention in the Hamptons style. It should be a spacious room filled with natural light, in which households spend the most time. But there is not always enough natural light in the room, so a large number of lamps is also one of the main features of the style. Artificial light can completely change the perception of space. Lighting can be used to add character and accents. It is good to choose lamps in the same style, because they will complement each other, no matter how far one from one they are. It will maintain internal symmetry.

Table lamps with original decorations will bring the desired elegance to the room. You can choose, for example, a table lamp with a base of white seagrass, and on a nearby table, place a table lamp with projections that resemble seahorses or coral.

Since the style involves a lot of light, then of course it is preferable to make curtains from transparent and translucent white or light natural fabrics that do not accentuate attention and match the style.

On the other hand, pillows should be bright and eye-catching. The most suitable pillow ornament would be a marine style and of course a super trendy ikat pattern. It can be used not only on pillows, but also in other textile accessories.

And you can also use the Kelly Wearstler lattice, which is universal due to the combination of laconic geometric lines and soft oval shapes.

Striped cotton rugs or various kinds of braids such as sisal or jute casually thrown on the floor will complete the overall picture.

Make the right accents

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The interior of the house could not be a solid spot of one color, so the decor needs a few sharp accents. In a Hampton-style room you need to pay attention to details. Well-chosen decorative elements often evoke positive memories. Natural materials such as wicker, cane or rattan products and nautical accessories are integral parts of interior design. Don’t forget about decorations like candlesticks, baskets, clocks, and plates. Choose small decorations inspired by sea and ocean in the shape of a shell or put the clock on the wall hanging from a natural cord, which will become an original decoration of your living room or bedroom.

You can use any treasures of the sea: shells, corals, transparent jars and bottles, washed ashore by waves, light carved boxes and starfish. Explore the catalog of OneWorldCollection for inspiration. The main thing is to know when to stop: Hamptons do not tolerate kitsch, the interior should look cozy and habitable.

Elegant white crockery can be arranged in the kitchen. Wicker chests and baskets come in handy in the bedroom. The living room can be decorated with elements in the form of snags or decor from ship ropes, unusual paintings with marine subjects. Mirrors framed with painted branches and sticks will be appropriate in the bathroom. The pictures of fish on the walls of the house made of painted and aged planks will complement the coastal style and make it unique and original.

The Hamptons-style house reflects the attitude of its inhabitants towards life. If you like relaxing, cozy and comfortable arrangements, a natural color palette related to the colors of the ocean, beach, and coastal vegetation, as well as the natural texture of wooden furniture, wicker accessories and light curtains, and Roman blinds, then you will certainly fall in love with interiors decorated in Hamptons style.