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Princess Diamonds for the Lovers of Beauty and Brilliance – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

The princess cut diamond is one of the two most coveted cuts in the world. A cut that has a universal appeal, this one gravitates tradition honoring folks and risk-takers alike. The cut with its captivating geometry attracts women of all tastes and styles. Princess diamonds catch the fancy of rebels with their unconventional anatomy and traditionalists with their classic diamond shimmer.

The cut came into being not too long ago. In the 1970s, Izzy Itzkowitz, a seasoned diamond cutter, came up with this incredible cut while experimenting with faceting. What made this cut an instant hit is the arrangement of facets that makes the stone brilliant and shimmery.

On a square diamond, this kind of faceting was a first. For that and other reasons, the cut took off instantly becoming a favorite among women shoppers in no time. Almost immediately, the shape became an eclectic pick in the engagement ring genre.

Princess Diamonds under Magnification

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Despite the phenomenal popularity of princess diamonds, not enough people are familiar with their precise geometry. There is a prevalent notion that the princess cut is a perfect square. This is untrue. Princess diamonds vary greatly in shape. A princess-cut can be anything between a square and a rectangle. So if you see a more rectangular outline do not dismiss it as a fancy cut. This too can be a princess cut. The measure of a princess cut is its brilliance and style of faceting.

Sometimes, the more rectangular cuts are easy to confuse with the likes of emerald and Asscher but if you observe the brilliance you will see that a princess cut always stands out. What distinguishes princess diamonds from other similar cuts is the number of facets. The princess cut is packed with facets that explain the striking brilliance. Its facet count is easily more than most cuts out there. The extra facets make all the difference bestowing the cut with its signature fire and scintillation.

The extraordinary brilliance of the princess cut has a second less-known purpose. It makes a stone doubly desirable by eliminating all flaws from visibility. That’s right. The magnificent geometry of the princess cut enables maximum enhancement of the brilliance and shimmer. The configuration of facets also makes room to hide major flaws and inclusions that can easily make a stone look unsightly.

The brilliance of the stone makes a case for the princess cut as a fancier version of the round brilliant. Although one can argue that the round brilliant has a greater brilliance than the princess cut, they sure can hold their own as the second more brilliant member in the family.

The Hype Surrounding Princess Diamonds

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Princesses are wildly popular in markets around the world. One may wonder why. The first thing that makes the princess cut so phenomenally attractive is also what makes it so popular. It is the brilliance of the cut. The sparkling appearance of the cut combined with the clean lines and rectilinear silhouette makes the stone an eyeful.

The second reason they are so popular is the price. These diamonds have a price advantage which makes them a more affordable alternative to round brilliant. The real reason why round brilliant diamonds are so expensive is huge wastage involving the cut and the reason the princess cut is not is that it does not entail so much wastage. This is why princess diamonds of a certain size are always cheaper than round brilliant diamonds of the same carat size.

The Overall Worth of Princess Diamonds

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If you are planning to spend on princess diamonds at Diamonds-USA then you would be happy to know that you have chosen one of the most valuable cuts in diamonds. The value of a princess cut diamond is uncontested. The silhouette of a princess diamond is highly compatible with those of most rough diamond crystals. That’s what makes maximum utilization possible. As opposed to that, the round cut only allows 50% use of the diamond rough as the round shape is everything opposite of the shapes in which diamonds occur in nature.
It is owing to this that a marked price difference is noticed between princess diamonds and their round-cut variants.

The Ideal Princess Cut

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As you’d know the ideal cut is the most superior cut in diamonds. It comprises symmetry, perfection, and maximum light performance. In princess cut too ideal is the best there is. As perfect as the ideal princess diamonds are, these are pretty expensive also. The high price encourages people to go for less perfect cuts. Buyers often display a willingness to make tiny concessions in matters like symmetry and perfection in faceting for a little price difference. So, if you are a believer in a great price, then go right on with good and excellent cuts which too are great to the eyes and practically indistinguishable from the higher cuts.

However, if you have a big budget, there is no better cut than the ideal princess diamonds. Even if it costs a little extra, it’s worth it.

Princess Diamonds in Engagement Rings

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If you are looking for a good cut to put on your engagement ring, then your search should end in the princess diamonds. This cut is one of the most popular cuts in the engagement ring section. They have graced engagement rings for many years now. Their clean design, fierce brilliance, and excellent features make this cut the most beautiful for engagement rings.

To top that, it has a universal appeal that makes every girl a lover of the princess cut. So, if you are planning to design an engagement ring to pop the big question, the princess diamonds are your safe bet. This stone hardly ever goes wrong with anybody. So when in doubt, close your eyes and go for a princess cut to decorate your engagement ring. No matter the design or the style you have picked out, princess diamonds work seamlessly. They may cost you a few extra bucks but, in the end, they make worthy investments.