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Could You Learn This Forgotten Skill? (VIDEO)

by Sinisav

In the age we are living in, it’s hard not to fall prey to social norms. The norm today is to be popular and famous, present on social networks. People don’t pursue interests as they used to.

Do you have a hobby? Have you been thinking about having one? If you are bored of hanging on Instagram, Snapchat, or Tik Tok, we have a recommendation for you. Now, this can be a hobby, but it is more of a skill: a one, our ancestors, used in ancient times.

Dalton Villines

Source: instagram.com

We are talking about throwing axes. Yes, you heard it well. While browsing Instagram (yes, we do it too), we came onto a video shared by @sportscenter. It shows a man of unique skill in throwing axes. If you think this is a funny skill to know, wait until you see the video.

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The man who is trowing the axes is Dalton Villines, who is an axe-throwing coach, that goes as dalton_jvillines on Instagram. Learning how to throw an axe will not be an easy task, but you can get the hang of it with the right teacher, and Dalton is precisely that. You will think the same after seeing the video.

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This is next level. ? (via @dalton_jvillines)

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Now, this is a skill that you’ll wish that you never have to use. But, just imagine taking a girl on a first date to a throwing arena and showing her how you put the iron into the wood with one smooth swing and a lot of skill. This is something you need to think about.

The video garnered a lot of attention as it has over 2 million views. Furthermore, it attracted the attention of some famous figures. Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan was impressed when Dalton Villines hit the target with his eyes closed, while Max Holloway, the MMA fighter, was also thrilled with what he saw.