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Could Trump Postpone the Election Due to the Coronavirus?

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 03/15/2020: The way things stand now, the general elections scheduled for November are in jeopardy. The reason is that President Donald Trump could cancel them because of coronavirus pandemic. This might happen if POTUS feels that he could lose because of fiasco that coronavirus is so far.

The coronavirus is on the loos, Trump administration isn’t handling it well, and now of all things, the national emergency was declared. With it in power, no public gatherings are allowed; presidential campaigns are on hold, and with the two things mentioned above, the elections are not doable.


Source: aljazeera.com

Now, the US is still a country of law and order. According to federal law, the date of the elections is fixed. It has been like that since 1845. For it to be changed, it would be necessary to change the federal law. For this to happen, the Congress would have to legislate it, President would have to sign the act, but it would still be challengeable in a court of law.

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But, even if this happened, it wouldn’t buy Donald Trump too much time. According to The Constitution, the new Congress must be formed and sworn until the 3rd of January. The new President must take office before the 20th of January. These dates can’t be changed even if Congress legislates the decision before November.

So, to make things clear if some don’t understand this: No law or force on earth would allow Donald Trump to postpone the general elections. There is no law that would allow him to do so, but he could choose means that don’t abide by the law. We’re not sure that there’s a way, nor that even a person like him would try it. The best course to take would be to handle the coronavirus first and then to take on Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders with all that he has, or what’s left after this crisis passes.

Source: politicalflare.com