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10 Marketing Strategies To Effectively Boost Your Real Estate Brand (Plus 1 Bonus Strategy)

by Sinke Car

The real estate industry is arguably the most competitive field to work in. With firms do everything in their power to come off as unique to a client, coming up with unique ideas for your firm can be quite the hassle. On top of that, real estate requires great management and processing skills for things like paperwork, sales, and closing a home.

There are companies that specialise in lead generation and estate agent marketing, like Rentround.

In reality, all of these hassles can be dealt with easier if you have an established brand to back up your real estate services. However, establishing a brand in a field like real estate is a difficult process in and of itself. Rest assured, this is where the importance of the marketing process in real estate comes into play. Not only can marketing help boost your brand awareness to potential clients, but it also helps with bringing in qualified clients that are ready to make a purchase, increase the online presence of your brand, and other similar benefits.


Perhaps most importantly, real estate marketing will help your brand go through the constant ups and downs that the market has. This includes being prepared for interest rate changes, economic drops and growths, and other factors along those lines.

At the end of the day, the real estate firm that sustains its success over time is the one that a client is most likely to go with. Plus, taking advantage of the proper marketing strategies will allow your business to stay ahead of the curb as a fresh and productive option for clients. With this in mind, let’s go over ten real estate marketing strategies to effectively boost your real estate brand. There’s even a bonus strategy for those who stay until the end.

#1: Online Paid Advertisement (Google Ads)


Marketing, in general, his making a switch to strengthening online methods as opposed to traditional methods. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional methods no longer work. It simply means that most marketing changes can be found within online methods.

A great example of this can be seen in online paid advertisements. Primarily known as Google Ads because of the search engine, this strategy allows for the precision targeting of ads to qualified clients. It also provides full control of ad spend and ad placement through the platform. For these reasons, this is one of the most effective ways to boost your real estate brand online.

#2: Organic Search Engine Optimization


Another effective online marketing method can be seen with organic search engine optimization. It also goes by the name SEO. This strategy takes the opposite approach of paid search by allowing websites to make on-page and off-page changes to boost their rankings in online search engines.

In the case of a real estate website, this strategy allows you to make changes to it so that more people can see your brand when they search for real estate services. Even better, it doesn’t require a dedicated budget as other marketing strategies do. It’s essentially a free way to boost your brand online.

#3: Personalized Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the best strategies to build long-term relationships with clients. The reason it’s so effective is that it can be structured conversationally instead of sales-heavy. This approach has proven to be much more effective in getting a client to purchase a product or services because there is no business pitch involved.

As far as boosting your brand, email marketing can also help in those areas by allowing you to contact potential clients as many times as you want. Just make sure that you don’t ambush them with emails as that can make your brand come off as desperate.

#4: Social Media Integration


Given how large social media has become, it’s no surprise to see that it can also be used to boost your real estate brand. One of the best ways to take advantage of it is to integrate it into your other marketing processes. For example, if you are using the organic search optimization method to rank your real estate website, adding links to social media profiles will naturally drive organic traffic to them. It can also be used the opposite way by linking to your brand’s website from your social media platforms.

#5: Word-Of-Mouth Marketing


As mentioned before, as great as online marketing methods are, traditional methods still work as effectively as they did before the internet. Word-of-mouth marketing is a great example of that. What makes word-of-mouth interesting is that it doesn’t require any physical strategizing on your part.

It is one of the most organic marketing strategies that can boost your brand. That said, the most this method will require to benefit from it is consistency over time. If your real estate brand can provide successful results consistently, it incentivizes clients to share your real estate brand due to their great experience from it.

#6: User-Friendly Website Interface


Sometimes boosting your brand doesn’t have to have direct connections to a marketing strategy. Boosting your real estate can also be done by creating a smoother experience to implement your marketing strategies. Take creating a user-friendly website interface as an example.

If you create a website that is easy to navigate for potential clients, your chances of converting a client to take action through that experience go through the roof. In the grand span of things, this boosts your real estate brand from the increased success of your marketing processes.

#7: Mobile-First Optimization

Mobile-First Optimization is another great example of boosting your brand through indirect marketing changes. Much like creating a user-friendly website interface, making changes to make your website mobile-friendly will also increase the chances of converting clients. Making these changes also don’t have to be that complicated. They can be as simple as making a website themes changes that are responsive to mobile users.

#8: Video Content Marketing


Going back to an online marketing method, one of the fastest rising forms of marketing is video content marketing. Quite obviously, this method goes away from written content by switching to informational and engaging videos. The idea behind this is that it makes your brand come off as more transparent and approachable for a client.

#9: Competitive Analysis


Competitive analysis in marketing is the process of researching what makes your competition effective. What’s great about this strategy is that there are online tools that you can use to give you all the information that makes your competition successful. By knowing these strategies, you can use them to dictate how much more marketing work you need to do and what strategies you need to add to boost your brand over their brand.

#10: Brand Refresh Marketing


As a last-ditch effort, it wouldn’t hurt to go through a real estate brand refresh if other strategies aren’t working like you want them to. This process includes making small but noticeable changes to make your brand more appealing to potential clients. A simple change like a new logo or company motto might be all you need.

Bonus Strategy: Print/Direct Mail Marketing


As for the bonus strategy, direct mail marketing is both one of the most effective yet overlooked strategies to boost a brand. Also known as print marketing, the reason it’s overlooked is that it uses “old” approaches such as postcards and newsletters to contact clients. Ironically, contact methods such as postcards are what makes it effective.

These methods have far fewer restrictions and boost your chances of being seen by clients. As a pro-tip, consider focusing on specific neighborhoods or subdivisions to use this strategy to its fullest effect.

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