Coronavirus Manicure Is the Latest Bizarre Fashion Trend

by Elsa Stringer

People cannot believe what one Beverly Hills beauty salon has come up with. They are known for their weird and unusual designs, but this time they really stepped over the line. If their idea is to be judged by the reaction of media and public, they should question their way of work.

Their latest nail design involves green balls that obviously represent a coronavirus on one hand, while the nails themselves are made to look like Asian faces wearing protective breathing masks on the other.

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On their Instagram account, the post in question where they showcased their new offer has more than 80,000 views, and almost 3,000 likes. One of the other related posts has more than 13,000 likes. The Nail Sunny page has over 2.2 million followers on the social media platform.


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“Why would you do this?” and “Who thought this was a good idea?” were some of the comments by the shocked followers.

“This is a case of some really bad taste and a very sensitive topic,” said one user. “That is incredibly racist” one disappointed follower commented.

There were however those who supported and liked the new design. “The nails look good, why do all of you have each other?” asked one fan.

This is sadly not the most controversial nail design, as one Russian salon used live ants that were trapped inside of the nails.


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Kobe ​​Bryant is a great basketball legend 💛💜 It is unfortunate that this happened…😢

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