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Berta From “Two and a Half Men” in Unrecognizable After Kidney Infection

by Tracy Finke

The actress Conchata Ferrell, best known for her role as Berta, a housekeeper in the sitcom “Two and a Half Men”, barely survived the severe kidney infection.

She was hospitalized in Charleston, West Virginia last December because she was feeling “weak and frail.” Ferrell was immediately examined and diagnosed with a life-threatening kidney infection that had spread throughout her body and began to contaminate the blood.

Image source: profimedia.com

The actress had been in ICU for four weeks due to her severe and critical condition while doctors struggled for her life and tried to stop the spread of the infection.

At the end of January, she was put into transitional care. The actress is now recovering at home, and she needs to go through physical therapy with the help of nurses several times a week, TMZ reports.

Image source: profimedia.com

Physical therapy is a must since she was feeling so bad for a while that she couldn’t even walk.

Conchata Ferrell told TMX she is not sure how she contracted the infection, as she is “not really one to get sick all that often”. She also said her “family was with her through every step of the process and traveled out of state to see her on at least six occasions”, TMZ reports.

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As for the future, the actress plans to continue acting when fully recovered.