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Conan O’Brien Gets Burned by James Woods After Mocking Trump

by Sinisav

THE MIX – 04/20/2020: Donald Trump isn’t standing on his own regarding Hollywood support. At least one person will stand up defending him, and it’s conservative actor James Woods. The Specialist actor blasted Conan O’Brien after the TV host mocked POTUS and our lord savior Jesus Christ.

O’Brien shared an unthoughtful joke on Twitter, which angered Woods, and he responded adequately. What Conan wrote was: “Trump says Jesus could have avoided crucifixion by taking hydroxychloroquine.”

James Woods

Source: rollingstone.com

While the joke can be seen as one that could go under the radar, it was more about the moment when it was shared. The TV host decided to show how funny he is with this joke on Easter Sunday. Not only Woods, but millions of Christians were offended with this remark.

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It’s okay if you are not a supporter of Donald Trump, but to use a Jesus Christ joke on Easter to mock our President really shows the lack of taste you have. The dig on the treatment Donald Trump mentioned regarding coronavirus, in the time of crisis, also lacks thought.

This joke by Conan O’Brien shows the ugly side of Hollywood. They are prepared to judge people who joke with Islam, but when it comes to Christianity, it’s all good. Thankfully James Woods isn’t a left-winged Hollywood hypocrite, and he stood up and defended bot Jesus and Donald Trump.

Woods was direct and pretty brutal with his tweet, insinuating on the massacre that happened in Paris half a decade ago. If you remember a group of French journalist employed by satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo were killed after mocking Muhammad.

The Ghosts of Mississippi actor wrote: “I remember when comedians in Paris mocked the Muslim faith. Thank God we Catholics just turn the other cheek.” Woods’s tweet already garnered much attention from Christians across Twitter and rightfully so.

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