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What A Commercially Successful Website In 2024 Looks Like? 6 Must Have Elements From Digital Entrepreneur Denis Lagutenko

by Tracy Finke

Website is a core part of your business that requires constant attention. It’s a kind of mediator between you and your clients who are accustomed to first look at websites before opting for a given product or service. Denis Lagutenko, a serial internet marketing entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in running internationally operating digital projects, believes that whatever business you have, the website that represents your company has the greatest effect on customers’ trust and loyalty. And that’s the main reason why you should periodically update it so it was trendy, captivating and, of course, resulted in great conversions.

The AdsProfit and ADSbase founder and prominent Instagram and Crunchbase influencer with almost 500K subscribers is confident that the last thing you want to face when people visit your website is low conversions caused by the outdated website design that ignores important web standards. Design, content and functionality of modern websites is ever-changing as they are directly involved in ever-growing competition between numerous companies and brands.

So, here is an ideal picture of a 2024 commercially successful website through the eyes of Denis Lagutenko.

What’s important?

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SEO optimization, intuitive interface, functionality – these are just 3 aspects that Denis highlights along with many other standards, which a high quality website must comply with. Despite the fact that most of us know about them, these instruments are often insufficient to make a user stay on your website or even make an order. It’s crucial to outperform competitors due to being versatile with implementing some gimmicks. Below there are 6 of them, which would be the most useful for marketers, according to Denis.

1. Parallax scrolling

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Web animation is projected to become more complex in 2024, so parallax scrolling is more than likely to be of service for many brands.

Parallax is an optical illusion that appears when the closer objects seem to move faster than the distant ones. Although we often come across this phenomenon in our everyday life, for example, being on road and watching the scenery flash by, the parallax effect that emerges on website pages is perceived to be real and surrealistic. The depth that is created by the usage of both foreground and background contributes to this immersive experience as well, turning the computer screen into some kind of a theatre scene.

2. Onboarding questionnaires

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Increasingly, brands are addressing questionnaires to create an interactive experience instead of forcing users to read hundreds of descriptions. In 2024, onboarding questionnaires are expected to become a basic web design function for all of today’s online shops. They will include a number of multiple choice questions intended to identify the clients’ preferences.

In terms of design, this means that landing pages will represent a series of cards with some scroll animations between them. Such an approach will make them much more interactive as well as enable to increase the efficiency and personalization of “Recommended goods” blocks. Introductory quizzes compel potential purchasers to believe he is a part of the service even before he completed the registration procedure.

3. Intuitive design

Simplicity is the key to website development, which is particularly essential for commercial resources. Three out of four customers say that usability is the most significant website characteristic, thus, this is what your increased emphasis should be placed on.

Of course, your website may have a spectacular visualization and impressive scroll solutions along with the parallax animation. But what comes first and foremost is giving to your clients a clear way to find all the necessary information.

To ensure the full usability of your website, you need to consider the attractive navigation, simplified search functions, and the website version that would be adaptable for mobile devices. The reality is that you don’t have much time to push the visitors to make a purchase, so your website should be working for you.

If it’s loading slow, users are unable to view it from the phone screen and you risk losing potential clients. To avoid such troubles, give the top priority to the usability of your resource.

4. Use-generated content

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The commercial success of any website is impossible without some public confidence, and user-generated content is exactly what you need to create this confidence.

User-generated content includes various publications, which contain people’s impressions and feelings about companies and their products, as well as describe their personal experience of interacting with brands. Why is this type of content critical to display on your website in 2024? Because it increases the customers’ loyalty and trust, which will have an overall positive impact on the conversion level.

Always try to motivate your clients for feedback, for example, asking them to share their experience via messages in social media or conducting photo contests on Instagram, etc. You can further use this content on your website to do two things at once – maintaining the loyalty of already existing users and proving your reliability to the new ones.

5. Voice search

The ways of receiving information are ever-evolving. Instead of entering requests into a search engine manually, we prefer voice assistants, which actually saves our time and effort. And implementing a voice search feature to your website is now relevant more than ever. Yet, this function is far from being involved in many websites, but in the foreseeable future, the voice optimization trend will still be there. And that’s why it’s so important to start deploying it as soon as possible.

The voice search has special relevance for online shopping websites and platforms with a vast diversity of content. This feature not only upgrades the usability of your resource but also aims to increase conversion, which all e-commerce brands desire.

6. Social Proof

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Our emotions push us to make decisions, which makes them really valuable for marketing and sales purposes. What allows to catch the potential client’s attention and trigger these emotions that encourage them to make a purchase? Sure, it’s all about Social Proof that gives you a chance to demonstrate to interested users that you’re both familiar with their needs and competent enough to solve their problems.

Social Proof is based on facts that indicate why people might want to opt for your brand: confirmed cooperation with other companies, practical cases that show how your product is solving specific issues, statistics, and so on. Positive experience related to partnering with your business also has to do with Social Proof because it can establish a sense of trust and help potential purchasers at the decision point right here, right now.


In his recent interview for The London Economic Denis Lagutenko calls websites a virtual face of your business, which largely determines the degree of your company’s success. Based on the information that you publish on your own resource, the majority of users make up their minds on whether they should purchase your product or not. So, don’t ignore the importance of captivating design – customer expectations are growing with each passing year, technologies are developing bringing us more and more standards a commercially successful website must comply with.

All in all, summarizing all the aforementioned gimmicks, Denis Lagutenko describes a 2024 commercially successful website as a platform, which is:

  • Appealing and advanced in terms of design;
  • Able to identify and predict user experience;
  • Intuitive;
  • Oriented on its customers and willing to tell about them;
  • Ready to implement the voice search feature;
  • Mindful of Social Proof ideas.