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9 Smart Online Shopping Tips & Tricks That Can Actually Save You Money In 2024

by William Gist

Online shopping has been a go to way of shopping for many people even before the global pandemic and lockdown. There’s just something calming about sitting in your house and effortlessly browsing through pages and pages of clothing, jewellery or whatever it is you’re shopping for. Many stores even offer online discounts and lower prices compared to those in the store.

But, there are other ways to save money while online shopping other than those. If you’re someone that enjoys occasional shopping sprees from the comfort of your home, you might be more than interested to learn a thing or two about how to save money while shopping online. After all, it’s easy to get lost and lose track of how much you’ve spent when you’re shopping online. There’s something about just adding to the bag and entering our card info that makes it look like we’re not spending that much, when in reality we’ve already broke our budget two shirts and a hat earlier.

If you’re interested in learning a few trick on how to save money while shopping from the couch, stay with us for a few moments, we’re going to cover a couple of them. Check out the following.

1. Know When Is The Best Time To Shop

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Knowing when to shop is a good way to save money. There are seasonal discounts such as those around holidays or during Black Friday. You can find some quite generous discounts during that time. Prices can drop over 70% on some occasions. That’s a good save, wouldn’t you agree? So, it may be best not to scratch that itch for a new pair of jeans right away, maybe wait a couple of days or weeks for those discounts to kick in.

2. Buy In Bulk

A lot of stores offer discounts when you’re buying several items at once. This method is especially useful if you’re ordering house necessities online. Stuff like groceries, toilet paper, soap, detergent, shampoo and more are often discounted when bought in a bunch. So, buying a month supply instead of a week’s worth can save you some money in the long run.

3. Don’t Commit To The Brand

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People generally tend to stick to the same brand and aren’t too eager to change that. We know that some things are just better than others and if you can afford it or you’re not willing to sacrifice on quality, you should stick to the branded names. However, sometimes there are cheaper alternatives that are of the same quality. All you need to do is broaden your horizons and explore a few other options and you may end up saving some money.

4. Check The Shipping Fees

Most of us automatically avoid things that aren’t shipped free. However, that’s a trick many sellers use to lure customers. They’ll bump up the price of the product and offer you free shipping, when in fact – the shipping isn’t free at all.

Another thing to look for is the minimum amount required to spend to qualify for free shipping. This number is usually pretty reasonable, so if you see that you’re only a few dollars short and you need a few more items, add them to the cart and have the items delivered to you free of charge.

5. Shop From Reliable Sources

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One of the best ways to save money is to shop from reliable sources. You can more often than not find products listen ‘on sale’ when in fact the ‘old’ price is just a pumped-up number to make you believe like you’re saving money, when you’re actually not. That’s why it’s important to find trustworthy stores, that will show you the right prices and offer you great deals, for instance, a store like diebestengutscheine.

6. Deliver To The Local Store

If you’re shopping for tech, for example, sometimes the cheaper option is to order a product to be delivered to the nearby store, rather than your home. The thing is, delivery to the store is usually free. Once the product is delivered, you can just walk to the store and purchase it. Another thing great about this is, you don’t have to worry about being home when the delivery truck arrives. The store is certain to be open and receive the product. Naturally, it goes without saying, you can only do this if the store you’re ordering from is the same as the store you want it delivered to.

7. Use Loyalty Cards

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If you’re a regular customer at a certain store, you probably eligible to receive a loyalty card that will grant you certain discounts and other perks as well. Some stores have point systems, where you gain points with each purchase and you can use those same coins in the future to gain discounts. So, don’t be lazy – if you have the opportunity to stack up some coins or receive a loyalty card, do it.

8. Look For Discount Codes

Discount codes have become especially popular in the last few years. A lot of it has to do with the new approach to marketing stores have. Many of them will collaborate with certain social media influencers and instead of paying them, they’ll create a discount code in their name, from which influencers will earn some money every time the code is used. That works out well for you as a customer because those codes often offer 10 to 20% discount. So, be on the lookout for discount codes, they’re basically everywhere.

9. Limit Your Budget

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The final tip and certainly the most useful one is to limit your shopping budget. Like we’ve said, it’s easy to lose track when you’re not handing out actual money, but just typing in card info. That is why you should set a budget for the next time. Once you know how much money you can spend, you’ll be more responsible with it. You’ll look for deals, discount codes and free shipping, all in the hopes of fitting everything you need inside the set budget.

That would be all from us for now. As you can see, there are more than a few ways to save money while shopping. Hopefully, you’ll start using some if not all of these next time you start filling up a shopping cart from the comfort of your home.