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Cody Simpson Jokes About Miley’s Pregnancy

by Elsa Stringer

Australian singer Cody Simpson, 23, denied and joked about the rumors suggesting his girlfriend Miley Cyrus, 27, is pregnant. When asked about it, he sarcastically responded, “Oh yeah. Been pregnant for years apparently. Been all sorts of things.”


He appeared on the morning show “Today” where he promoted Bonds. He was asked by the host, Karl, how he deals with rumors and gossip that constantly follow his other half.


“Mate, you just gotta take it in stride and you know, what I try and do is just focus on my work and what’s important to me and you know, for me that’s my work and music. The rest just kinda comes with it so it’s all part of it and it’s something that you have to take in stride and be cool with.”


He also touched on his upcoming poetry book, “Prince Neptune”.

“I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always been a writer of poetry and lyrics and all that stuff. And I started working on this poetry book four or five years ago and ended up with a collection that I felt like I wanted to bind and publish.

Poetry’s always been an integral part of, like, my creative fabric, so I just wanted to do a book alongside the music because I feel, musically where I’m headed, the lyrics are poetic and the whole thing kind of comes hand-and-hand to me as like an art form.”


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Miley and Cody have been together since October 2019. For the better part of their relationship, they could be seen together in public kissing, holding hands, and hugging. Miley previously divorced her husband, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.