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Christmas at Sandringham – Christmas With the Queen

by Elsa Stringer

Recently, the public has been informed that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle decided that they want to spend their Christmas away from the rest of the Royal family. According to some newspapers and insiders, this is something that can be compared to a declaration of war of sorts.

You probably saw that there is a lot of news that is released recently about a little war that is about to happen in the royal family. You’ll probably remember that the Cambridges were allowed to spend their festive period with Kate Middleton’s family. This was a precedent of sorts. But it looks that this wasn’t enough. However, we can say that there wasn’t any feud between the crown and Cambridges at the time. So, we are wondering what is the problem now.


If you remember what late Princess Diana said about spending Christmas at Sandringham, you will have some understanding for the young couple. She stated that these celebrations were always odd and highly fraught. After that, she said that it always featured a lot of negative energy and tension. At the same time, she said that it is of utmost importance to the Royal family celebrating all the major holidays together.

Not just for the family, but it is one of the most important things for the people and the country. As you may presume, she thought that this is pretty important. But we are surprised that something like this succeeded in creating so much tension.

As you could conclude from the interviews that Meghan and Prince Harris gave, they are not kind of people that are going to rely on tradition too much. It is believed that they think they succeeded in modernizing the monarchy and all of the rigid traditions that are surrounding them. As you could read from newspapers, Prince Harris called his grandmother and told her that he is not going to attend the Christmas party at Sandringham. If you ask us, we would call that some kind of damage control. This is definitely not a way the longest-serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom.


Also, if you pick up some older newspapers you can see that he was provided with unquestionable support from the Queen when he had some problems a few years back.

In addition, he was allowed by the Queen to move with his family to Windsor estate because their relationship with William and Kate were not at the highest possible level. She even provides them with a team of private chefs and she established a relationship with her great-grandson because she frequently visits them. Without a doubt, he knows what these Christmas events mean to his grandmother and the rest of the family.


The sad reality is that there are not going to be many Christmas festivities for the old Queen. Prince Phillip has 98 years and the Queen has 93. We are pretty certain that Prince Harry needs to get his act together or he will be faced with something serious regrets in the future.