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When Choosing Your First Scooter, What Factors Should You Consider? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

With the arrival of warmer weather, as well as epidemiological measures that should be followed in public transport, many will probably ask themselves – do they have to travel by car or public transport to work, college, or wherever they want. We would regularly see an alternative in earlier years in walking or cycling, but they have their drawbacks. Walking is slow, and pedaling is tiring for some and can bring them to their destination drenched in sweat – which is rarely ideal. The use of an electric scooter in recent years has proven to be an excellent solution, with the advancement of technology and its reduction in price.

Electric scooters have become a real hit in recent years, especially as a very popular means of transportation on the way to work. So, we researched what all you have to pay attention to if you decide to buy.

Riding a scooter is relaxing and very practical because you will easily avoid the crowds, and the parking space will not be a problem considering its dimensions.

How to choose your first Electric Scooter?

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Before buying any other electronic device, in the case of scooters you need to first check the situation on the market and get acquainted with some basic specifications so as not to make the wrong decision. When buying, in addition to the price, it is important to consider several other factors. It is good that the scooter can be folded and that it is not too heavy. More importantly, it has brakes on both wheels and ABS so you don’t fly over your head when the wheels lock. The carrying capacity is not negligible either, because scooters intended for children weighing up to 160 lbs will not last long if used by a person of 270 lbs. Those weighing more than 270 lbs should pay special attention to this fact because scooters with a load capacity of up to 320 lbs can be found on the market, but most of them are up to 270 lbs.

Today, scooters of various manufacturers can be found on the market. Also, many of them offer several different suits that differ according to certain specifications. Mantis scooters have been noticed in this market and therefore in this article, we will compare their two models – Mantis 8 and Mantis 10 pro.

When we talk about the price of these two types, we can say that Kaabo Mantis 8 is double cheaper than Mantis 10 pro. With reason, of course. To be more precise, for Mantis 8 you will have to set aside a bit over $1,000, while Mantis 10 pro is double expensive. If you are considering buying a scooter and enjoy the summer, Kaabousa is advising you to do it now.

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When it comes to weight, the average weight of any scooter is 32 lbs. Of course, scooters like Mantis 10 pro, made for heavier guys weigh a few pounds more (66 lbs).

We come to the battery and its durability, which is one of the key factors in choosing this practical vehicle. While the Mantis 10 pro has a Samsung-LG battery of 60V, 24.5 Ah, the Mantis 8 has an FST Li-ion 48V, 18.2 Ah battery. These figures tell us that the first model charges quickly (4 hours), while the Mantis 10 pro takes 6-8 hours to charge the battery. Of course, endurance is greater. With the Mantis 8, the battery will last 25 miles, while the second, more advanced model will allow you to enjoy driving for 60 miles.

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Speed is certainly one of the more important items when buying a scooter although it may not be crucial. Of course, if speed plays a big role, it makes sense that brakes are equally important. In electric scooters, a combination of several braking systems is common, such as electric with foot or electric with disc brakes. Of all the types, disc brakes are the most efficient and reliable especially when stopping or stopping the scooter at a higher speed, but they are usually only found in more expensive models of electric scooters. That is why the electric brake in combination with the foot brake gives excellent results with average electric scooters and will not unpleasantly surprise you. If we are comparing the previous two models, we’ll say that the braking system makes a slight difference – Mantis 8 has disk brakes while Mantis 10 pro has a dual disk brake (fully hydraulic).

Every model of scooter differs in various specifications, and one of them is speed. Even though the average speed of most of them is 16 mph, there are many with higher speeds. We can say both models, Mantis 8 and 10 pro are above our expectations! The average speed of Mantis 8 is 20 mph, while Mantis 10 pro speed is 37 mph! Not bad, isn’t it?

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There are two types of tires on scooters, pneumatic and solid. Pneumatics are more comfortable to drive because the air they are filled with absorbs shocks and is easier to control on wet ground, but they are also easy to puncture. With plain, full, hard tires you’ll feel every bump on the road, but they’re cheaper to maintain because you’ll never burst. If driving comfort is an important item for you, then you should rather buy a scooter that has suspensions on both wheels. And this is another item that distinguishes these two models because the Mantis 8 has vacuum and the Mantis 10 pro pneumatic tires.

If you know that you will be using an electric scooter in poor visibility conditions, be sure to take appropriate precautions and consider the lights on the scooter and its reflective features when buying. In this, we prefer the Mantis 8 because it has LED lights. In addition, these scooters are characterized by eco mode, which makes them safe for the environment.

Some tips

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All vehicles should be regularly maintained, including scooters. The battery should never be completely discharged because when it reaches the minimum voltage it permanently loses part of the total capacity, never clean the dirt with running water but with a damp cloth, and after driving in the rain it must be wiped with a dry, cotton cloth.