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Top 10 Electric Scooters for Adults in 2024

by Nina Smith

Not so long ago, electric scooters were just some avant-garde toys for kids. But those times are behind us now. Today, electric scooters are a great alternative to cars and a convenient, environment-friendly, and affordable means of personal transport. But with the abundance of electric scooters on the market, you may find it hard to decide which one suits you best.

In this article, we will help you pick the best adult electric scooters out of the broad range of brands and models to choose from. Here, iScoot take us through their top 10 electric scooters for adults in 2024.

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Source: intercoinvestgroup.com

This award-winning scooter features an uncomplicated design and comes with two brakes and a disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for added safety. Weighing only 26.9 pounds, it is also easy to lift and store. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter’s 250W motor lets you go as fast as 15.5 mph. When fully charged, it can cover up to 18.6 miles, which is equivalent to about five hours of continuous ride.

2. Varla Pegasus

Source: Varlascooter.com

If you’re looking for a great city scooter, Varla Pegasus may be the right choice for you. It can develop speeds up to 28mph and it is great for avoiding heavy traffic. The best thing about it is the price – you get it for just above the $1,000 mark and it will be sent to your home free of charge. For more information about this scooter, check out varlascooter.com

3. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

Source: electricridereview.com

This electric scooter is perfect if you are looking for one that is low maintenance. It does not require much upkeep because it has no chains or gears. It also comes with airless rubber tires so you do not have to bother your head about not filling them. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter is also foldable and charges completely in just 3.5 hours.

4. Evo Powerboards Uberscoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

Source: ebay.com

If you want a scooter that can stand firm even in the face of steep hills and unbalanced terrain, this one is your best option. Unlike other scooters, it can carry up to 260 pounds and features an economy mode button that slows down acceleration and conserves battery life for long rides.

5. Ninebot MAX Long Range Electric Scooter

Source: xiaomifydubai.com

The newest addition to the Segway line of electric scooters, this electric scooter features a maximum speed of 15mph and can cover up to 40 miles. It also comes with a hand-operated simultaneous dual braking system, allowing you to stop safely and quickly when you need to. It also has a built-in charger so charging it is super convenient.

6. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Source: intercoinvestgroup.com

This folding electric scooter is one of the most popular among commuters, thanks to its simple design and reliable performance. Xiaomi M365 comes with a 250W brushless front hub motor that can achieve a burst of 500W, enough to get you to its top speed of 15.5mph. It makes an ideal option for short distance travel or daily commute.

7. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Source: tienda24hs.com

The Razor E100 has a weight limit of just 120 pounds and features a high torque, chain-driven motor that makes rides fast. This electric scooter also has a twist-grip throttle and a spring-loaded kickstand, so you can easily prevent it from falling over. You may have to charge it for half a day to charge it fully and get 40 minutes of continuous ride.

8. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Source: dualtron.gr

If you are looking for a powerful motorbike-like electric scooter, you will never go wrong with the Dualtron Thunder. It has double BLDC hub motors with a combined peak power of 5400W, so just a single push on the throttle would be enough to make it run. It can go at insane speeds of up to 50mph.

9. Razor Eco Metro Electric Scooter

Source: razor.com

This electric scooter features 1600W of brushless motor, guaranteeing remarkable power. Charging it for 6 to 8 hours will give you 40 minutes of continuous ride and can let you go up to 12 miles. One distinct feature of this scooter is its seat, allowing you to ride it without having to stand. It also comes with adjustable handlebars and a sleek bamboo deck where you can rest your feet while you sit.

10. GigaByke Groove 750W Motorized E-Bike

Source: blogspot.com

If you want something that looks extravagant, this one is a great choice. The GugaByke Groove looks like an electric bike but it is technically a scooter, so you can ride on the streets without a license. It can get up to 20mph when completely charged.


How do I maximise my battery life?

Source: amazon.com

Electric scooter batteries are a lot like mobile phone batteries – they often have a lifecycle, and a limited number of times they can be fully charged, before they start to decline.

The first step is to make sure you know what sort of battery your scooter has – eg lithium-ion – as each sort requires specific treatment.

Next, try to make sure your scooter fully runs out, before recharging.

And then remember that iScoot has specially trained mechanics in our stores, to help you troubleshoot, any problems, and service your scooter to keep running in tip-top condition.

Can my electric scooter go up hills?

If they have enough power and torque in the motor – absolutely. Some models are built for flat terrain, so aren’t suited to hills. Look for the gradient rating, which will be either a percentage, or a degree – indicating the steepness of the gradient.

Remember that the more hills you need to go up, the faster your battery will run out – so if you have a few steep hills in your area, then check that your battery is big enough to keep enough power for your full journey.

Some brands work better with hills than others, so please contact us if you need to discuss details.