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6 Ways to Tell If Your Adidas Yeezy Sneakers are Real or Fake – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Opening Word

The culture and fascination surrounding the world of sneakers is hardly a new development in the fashion industry. People far and wide have been known to crazy for the top sneakers on the market and wait in lines for new releases. It all really began with the wider adoption of signature shoes by athletes who started to signed lucrative contracts towards the end of the 1980s. Over the decades this trend grew and it is currently inseparable from the sports industry itself. Not only sneakers but all apparel is now linked to the top individuals in their respective sports.

Now, considering how much different industries mix up and mesh, sneakers breaking the boundaries and entering other markets was only a matter of time. Sports, fashion, and music have always been tightly connected because the icons of all three have huge respect for their fellow successful entrepreneurs, stars, and athletes. Therefore, when one of the most popular musicians of all time signed an enormous deal with one of the most recognizable and widely spread sports apparel brands, big things were expected. Luckily for all, most of all the fans and sneakerheads, big things came too.

In this article we take a closer look at Kanye West and Adidas pairing that gave birth to the Yeezy sneaker line. They are among the most popular sneakers out there, right next to Jordan, AirForce, and AirMax varieties. More importantly, Yeezys are the most successful line of Adidas sneakers right now. With all this being said, you as a potential fan have to know how to tell the difference between a real model and a fake one. Not everyone who is selling the highly sought after pairs will be legit and fraudsters are common in the world of sneakers. Therefore, if you are looking to cop a pair of the new Adidas Yeezy 350 Mono Ice, you should make sure to trust the right source. Do not make a mistake of getting a fake pair and get the real thing available at GOAT right now.

About the Yeezys

img source: reactrun.com

The fashion collaboration between the legendary German sportswear company Adidas and the American rapper and producer turned entrepreneur and fashion designer Kanye West. One of West’s stage nicknames during his career has been Yeezy, which is why the fashion line uses this name. The limited-edition clothing and especially their Yeezy Boost sneaker collection are both high-end and high-quality items that have enjoyed worldwide success, fame, and sales. The original model came out some 6 years ago, in February of 2015, when the first shoe called Yeezy Boost 750 came out. Since then, there were many others including Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy 950, Yeezy 350 Cleat, Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas, Yeezy Boost 700, Yeezy 500, Yeezy Boost 380, and Yeezy Foam Runner. By certain estimation from the March of 2024, the Adidas-West partnership is currently worth more than $3 billion.

Distinguishing the Real from the Fake

As with numerous other products, the fakes have been increasingly getting better and they now tend to look like the original sneaker. However, if you know what to look for and where you will never fall victim to somebody trying to scam you and charge hundreds of dollars for a knockoff product. In the following section, we will tell you exactly where you can spot the key differences between real and fake.

1. Material

img source: highsnobiety.com

If you know how a legit pair is supposed to feel to the touch and what the material is supposed to look like, you will easily be able to tell the two apart. Fake Yeezys are made of much softer fabric and they feel cheaper and poorly made when you hold or wear them. The top part of real Boost sneakers are made of a breathable and flexible fabric called Primeknit that offers high amount of support. Even though it is a shoe, it fits much like a sock and supports the feet while ventilating and cooling them. All of this is very hard to replicate which is why fakes usually look much worse in the stitching.

2. Laces

While it may seem that laces would be the easiest to replicate in fake sneakers, they are actually among the most easily noticeable features. Yeezy Boost shoes always use woven laces that are highly tubular. If they are tight, even, with sealed tips and no loose ends, you have a real pair in your hands. There should be no space between the threads, the originals have tiny, barely visible lace holes and there are no eyelets.

3. Heel Tab

img source: footwearnews.com

One of the signature features of Yeezy Boost sneakers, especially the 350, is the heel tab. Not all of the models have them but most do, which is why the fakes tend to replicate them as close as they can. However, they do not do a very good job and often place the tab too close to the lining. What is more, the knit pattern is also off. Yeezys are made with different and unique patterns throughout the shoe and replicas simply cannot mimic this fine craftsmanship.

4. Glue

Excess glue between the outsole rubber and the knitted upper part of the shoe is a clear indication of a knockoff Yeezy. This not only means that the pair is fake, but that the construction is poor and the sole has a high chance of falling off. Some residue glue is to be expected even on the original, but not much.

5. Label Info

img source: legitcheck.app

Authentic Yeezy sneakers are all made in China, so if your pair says it was made anywhere else, especially Korea, Vietnam, or China, they are fake. Apart from the manufacturing location, there should also be the size and gender info, and a unique 13-digit serial number both with numbers and letters. These should match what you have on the box. Each shoe should have a different number as well. If they have the same one, they are probably fake.

6. Additional Signs

There are many other ways to tell, from the midsole and the inner sole and how the lettering and patterns look, to the swing tag, the type of box, and the prints. It is very hard to make a fake product look real because the designers go out of their way to pay a lot of attention to every step of the way. Therefore, if you notice any of these, you may want to return them and ask for your money back.