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Cher Keeps Fighting for Britney Spears: “Just Enough Meds to Keep Her Working”

by Tracy Finke

The legendary singer Cher has publicly supported her colleague Britney Spears, who is fighting her court-mandated conservatorship headed by her father Jamie Spears. Since Britney’s public breakdown in 2008, he is controlling every aspect of Britney’s business and personal life.

Image source: Instagram, billboard.com

Cher wrote that Britney needs help because conservatorship, in her opinion, is lasting too long.

Britney has not been able to manage her fortune since 2008 when, after a nervous breakdown, her father Jamie started doing it with the help of a team of lawyers.

Image source: theblast.com

Cher also revealed what has been said around Hollywood for years, which is that Jamie gives the famous pop singer meds to perform or to “make money” since she is one of the most successful music stars in the history of show business.

Cher has been publicly interacting with Spears’ fans for days and has joined the #freebritney trend.

A hearing was recently held about the custody over Britney’s assets, but the media didn’t report what the conclusion of the court was.

Image source: mirror.co.uk

Cher wanted to send hugs to a colleague, who was supposed to record a duet with her in the past. With her attitude, 73-year-old Cher delighted fans of the 38-year-old pop star.

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