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8 Most Requested Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

by William Gist

According to experts, before you are inspired by the hairstyles of a famous person, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether it suits your face. Although you like, for example, how Selena Gomez looks with her new hairstyle, not everyone looks like that, it could even make your face thicker.

Another question you should ask yourself is how much time are you willing to devote to it every morning. It takes celebrities a few hours to achieve the look you see on the red carpet.

Finally, we advise you to ask yourself if the color and shape of it you choose suits your skin tone. Once you think about it, then you can decide better.

Here are some of the most requested celebrities cuts of all time:

1. Selena Gomez’s bob


After the singer showed off her new look, this was one of the most sought after creations. Coiffeurs warns his clients that imitation can take hours, and can take up to 6 hours. Before you imitate this hairstyle, we recommend that you consult an expert to see if the style and color suit your face.

2. Jessica Biel’s fringe


For the role in the series ‘The Sinner’, Jessica Biel’s fringe became even more popular than it was. This is another one of the most sought after cuts.

3. In the style of Gigi Hadid


According to experts, Gigi Hadid’s style has been popular for some time, mostly because of her hair color. To achieve this, she pointed out that your stylist must know how to blend around your face to look soft and natural. If you are a blondie, the good news is that they can work this shade on your natural color. Check ring my fashion website to see how it looks like exactly.

4. Kendall Jenner’s cute bob


Ever since Kendall trimmed her long hair, the bob has also been one of the most popular in aesthetics. It’s a practical look and you can play with your hair from side to side. We recommend that the ends not be cut straight for a cooler vibration.

5. Katy Perry’s dramatic look


You may be surprised that this cut is one of the most sought after, but it is. If you are brave enough to cut your hair like this, be careful who you do it with, because, according to experts, it is difficult to imitate it. In addition, you need to cut it more often if you want to keep it for a while.

6. Short and sweep, Anne Hathaway


This is a very risky strategy, but Jennifer’s short bangs with pointed bangs manage to give her a modern and very chic look.

7. Extreme straight with side stripe, Allison Williams


One of the biggest trends so far in 2024 is super straight and shiny hair. With delicate hair and tight behind the ear, Allison Williams looked phenomenal with this simple stripe down the side.

8. Half loose hair and bun


You want your hair to be removed from your face, but you don’t want to pick it up in a ponytail or bun. Famous ladies have a solution. This summer they wear half-and-half. The front part was picked up in an optional bun, while the rest of it was released. It is ideal for everyone, it does not differentiate between types of hair and looks good on every occasion.
Notice how celebrities wear it. Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton are just some of them.

9. Retro


The retro fever that has dominated fashion for years has not overlooked the look of the hair either. The most influential celebrities match a 60s hairstyle that sharpens the features and reveals their rich bobs.

The acceleration affecting the fashion world, with companies being forced to launch new collections at full speed, is also affecting trends. Global celebrities and digital influences must show us a new look at a wild pace to avoid our boredom. The goal is clear: to continue to watch and admire them. As they do not have time for innovations, stylists have no choice but to go to the archive and save the hairstyles that have been great in the past decades.

Sometimes, as in this retro look that convinced the most powerful from show business, with barely updated. It is true that Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and Sophie Turner are beautiful.


The ideologue of this resurrection is none other than Chris Appleton, Kim Kardashian and her sister’s chief stylist and one of the most sought-after hairdressers in Los Angeles. It is normal to aim for a rebirth fever: you need to find beautiful and impressive hair that looks great for many celebrities. In this case, it was easy. He only reviewed the trends of the 90s, reviving almost as much as he does today.

In reality, this collection, which in the 60s was very checkered and quite rigid thanks to liters and liters of varnish, was taken over in the 90s in a more natural version, which is what we see today. An update that still has a feminine and sexy ray, which is why it succeeded in the last century. Although this retro hairstyle works great on evening or more formal looks, it is also ideal for going to the office.

The finishing technique couldn’t be easier, especially if you have straight hair. All you have to do is cut half of it with a simple rubber band and remove the ends of your hair with a round brush and dryer. To finish, you just need to cover the rubber with a button that you can fasten under the poppy with a bobby needle.

When it comes to achieving the most appreciated possible result, famous stylists advise that the collection be set up as much as possible, in order to achieve sophistication with a fine finish. We especially like the variation brought by Kim Kardashian: instead of picking up half a mane, resort to a sighing tail.


We hope that with this text we have helped you find inspiration in many celebrities and their perfect hairstyles that have marked the past few decades. Play with your style, be brave and courageous! Feel nice in your skin.