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Jennifer Lopez has a Brand New Hairstyle

by Nebojša Vujinović

Jennifer Lopez, 50, has a brand new look and the fans are going crazy over it. The famous brunette pop star decided she wanted a change and she no longer has her iconic all-brown hair.

J. Lo now rocks blonde highlights throughout her hair, so much that she almost appears fully blonde. In addition, it is a light blonde shade instead of the more yellowish ones other celebrities tend to go with.

The new hair color is not all however, as Lopez took it a step further and went with the space bun hairstyle for one of her latest Instagram photos. The iconic ‘90s style is coming back and we have J. Lo to thank!

The key to achieving this timeless look is to split the whole length of your hair into two equal parts, tie two buns and tuck them neatly right below the ears. This is the general way of wearing space buns. If you want to look like Lopez does in this photo, only split the back end of your hair and place the buns higher.

Since the super famous Latina star invests so much in her looks, health, and beauty, she looks half her age and can still compete with some of the youngest ladies in the entertainment industry. Her post has more than 2.7 million likes and around 20,000 comments.