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They Have Very Interesting Hidden Talents-Find Out These 21 Celebrities

by Elsa Stringer

Many celebrities have become famous and popular all around the world due to some great talents such as acting, singing, or something similar.

However, these big stars often have some hidden talent that awaited the right moment to be discovered. In order to present to you which 21 celebrities have hidden skills, we decided to create the following list. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. James McAvoy and Mark Ruffalo-Unicycle Riding

The driving of a unicycle can be very difficult for someone, but not for the popular actors Mark Ruffalo and James McAvoy.

2. Kendall Jenner-Bird Imitation

There aren’t a lot of people in the world who can imitate the sound of a bird identically. However, one of these people is a popular model Kendall Jenner.

3. Margot Robbie-Keeping the Breath Underwater

Another very difficult skill is keeping the breath underwater. An average person can hold the breath for between one and two minutes, but Margot Robbie can stand for 5 minutes.

4. Taylor Lautner-Excellent Reflexes

Can you grab the grape with your mouth if someone throws you at a distance of 15 feet? Probably not, but Taylor Lautner can do it.

5. Jessie J-Closed-mouth Singing

We all know that Jessie J great singer and this talent has brought her world fame. But she also can sing with a closed mouth. Isn’t that extraordinary?

6. Rebel Wilson-Martial Arts

We don’t know if Rebel Wilson ever trained some martial arts, but she is very good with nunchucks.

7. Terry Crews-Flute Playing

Do you know that the actor and former NFL player can play the flute? Terry Crews does it very well.

8. Andrew Garfield-Backflips

According to Factinate, Andrew Garfield is known for his roles in Spider-Man movies. The hero he is playing is very skilled and can perform backflips, but Andrew has the same skill.

9. Jane Fonda-Breaking Handcuffs

Jane Fonda has a very useful hidden talent if she is in a bad situation-she can easily break out of handcuffs.

10. Lupita N’yongo-fold a Fitted Sheet

Well, Lupita N’yongo has a very interesting talent-folding a fitted sheet.

11. Emma Stone-Pogo Jumping

Emma Stone seems to be a real jumping expert.

12. Angelina Jolie-Things with Butterfly Knives

One of the most famous roles of Angelina Jolie is in the films about Lara Croft. She seems to have learned some skills with butterfly knives on the shooting of these films.

13. Mike Tyson-Pigeons

The great passion of the famous former boxer Mike Tyson are the pigeons. He and his pets were involved in a lot of pigeon races.

14. Ellen Page-Juggling

If Ellen Page didn’t become successful as an actress, she would probably be the star of a circus with her great juggling skills.

15. Pierce Brosnan-Swallowing Fire

Like Ellen, Pierce Brosnan would be a great entertainer according to this talent.

16. Justin Bieber-Rubik’s Cube

Can you solve Rubik’s Cube? Well, popular singer Justin Bieber can do it in less than 2 minutes.

17. Christina Hendricks-Playing Harmonica

In addition to the great talent for acting, Christina Hendricks plays the harmonica perfectly.

18. Aaron Paul-Pet Whisperer

Aaron Paul claims he can talk with dogs. We believe it is so.

19. Beyonce-Connect 4 Master

Believe it or not, Beyonce is the master of Connect 4-she beat her husband even 8 times in a row.

20. Bob Barker-Martial Arts

No mess with Bob Barker. This guy has a black belt in karate.

21. Cara Delevingne-Beatboxing

Well, Cara Delevingne is simply talented for beatboxing.