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Cardi B Goes Crazy in Isolation

by Tracy Finke

The famous rapper Cardi B posted on her Instagram profile a short video showing how she is dealing with quarantine and all the free time she has on her hands. In the video she captioned with: “Day 3,” she is standing behind a tower of Jenga blocks.

The video starts when she runs into the construction and then he hits it with her head and arms. Then the scream follows.

Image source: Instagram

In less than two hours, this video has more than 3 million views. Her fans’ opinions about her choices in isolation were divided. Some of them thought that Cardi is going crazy, and the other part said it is hilarious.

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Day 3

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“Just Go to bed, Cardi…Im up going crazy too, man!”, one of her friends wrote. “Me when I’m bored”, one of her followers commented, and another one added: “Mood”.

Some of them were worried about the consequences: “Now you gotta damm concussion Cardi wtf”. “Coronavirus Got Us F*cked Up”, “U must be bored”, “Yeah She lost it Ya Lololol”, “Corona got her actin’ crazy”, some of the comments read.