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Can You Guess Who Would be The President if Elections Aren’t Held?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS -03/19/2020: Despite the crisis that coronavirus is and the national emergency, the 2024 general election will go as planned. The law is clear in this matter. What this means is that Donald Trump could be replaced as President in November. In any case, we will have a new POTUS before February of 2024, as we already explained in this article.

There are already speculations that coronavirus outbreak could cost Donald Trump of another four years in the Oval Office. Trump’s response to coronavirus was late, and measures such as forbidding gatherings of ten or more people in the same place come a little too late.

Donald Trump

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But, to have elections there will be a need to have this many and more in the same room. Actually, in many places across the United States. The new coronavirus measures have already affected Trump’s adversaries Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Both of them have canceled their rallies for security reasons.

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If you have ever been to an election day, then you know that lines sometimes can be quite long. If COVID-19 is still a thing in November, the elections could be postponed. But, even if this happens, Mr. Trump can’t be the President after January 21st of 2024. His term will expire by then. The national emergency will not stop this!

The first in line would be vice-President Mike Pence. But, the issue is that his term would also end together with Donald Trump’s. Nancy Pelosi, as House Speaker, comes after these two, but she would also be at the end of her term so she couldn’t take over at the Oval Office if elections are still not held.

After these three, the next in line would be President Pro Tempore of the Senate. This function is at the moment held by Chuck Grassley. But the situation in Senate could quickly change, so there’s no guarantee that he would be the first candidate. Depending on the tides, there could be a Democrat candidate in the form of Patrick Leahy. Fourth in line is Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State.

If elections are not held by February of 2024, we could have an unusual situation on our hands. But first, let’s wait and see.

Source: express.co.uk