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Can Donald Trump and Melania Survive Coronavirus?

by Sinisav

DEMOTIX – 03/13/2020: In the past, there were stories that Donald Trump and Melania Trump aren’t happily married. We even have a few articles about their situation. The pair often looks awkward when together, and this fueled rumors that they will get a divorce sooner than later.

Some people even claim that the only thing holding their marriage together is Trump’s presidency. Some sources claim that Melania wanted to divorce Donald before he became the President. After he got elected, the situation changed, and they allegedly remained together for public image.

Donald Trump

Source: vanityfair.com

If the story that their marriage remains because of Trump’s presence in the White House, then they will be together for at least four more years. Or will they? If you asked me this two months ago, I would definitely say yes. The chances were massive that POTUS is set for another mandate in the Oval Office.

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So, what’s changed? Well, Donald Trump’s presidency is shaken to the ground. First, we have the Democrat party. One year ago they had no candidates, then they had too many, only to have two serious ones now. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden will give Donald a run for his money. The later is even considered a front-runner for Democrat nominee and could pose a significant threat to Trump in November.

The second thing that troubles Trump, even more, is the coronavirus. The deadly virus came to the US shores and is creating havoc. COVID-19 is terrible news for itself, but the President’s inadequate handling of the situation is even worse. He is starting to look like a terrible leader, and more and more people are concerned that his long downplaying of coronavirus and its threat in the past will endanger thousands of US lives now.

These two things combined are causing more people to doubt Trump, and his once certain victory in general elections is now in jeopardy. If the rumors about him and Melania and true the same goes for their marriage. Can Donald and Melania survive coronavirus?

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