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Caitlyn Jenner Leaves Big Brother VIP And Goes Back To Her Governor Campaign

by Mary McFarren

Caitlyn Jenner’s hugely publicized partake in the Australian “Big Brother VIP” show seems to have come to an end just a few days since it started. The 71-year old reality star was seen leaving the Los Angeles airport wearing a black sweater, jeans, and sneakers. A couple of hours later, the KUWTK star confirmed on her Twitter profile that she is back in California.

Source: DailyMail

Caitlyn shared that she had a great time in Australia, but is also glad to be back home, in California. Rushing back home essentially confirmed that the former Olympian will be one of the first celebrities to leave the show.

Starring in a reality show might seem like a natural career path when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner. She was about to be featured alongside Thomas Markle Jr, brother of Meghan Markle. However, when she was speaking to Daily Mail, Jenner said she had a much bigger reason that pushed her to take part in another reality TV show. One that is personal in nature.

Caitlyn Jenner went through the transition from a man, Bruce Jenner, to a woman back in 2015. The process is stressful as it is, but to do it publicly while the whole world is watching was much harder. She was often ridiculed by the media and shunt down by her own family. It took her a long time to be accepted as the person she always felt she was.

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“I want to be visible. And it is not so much what I say or do, in a show about these issues, about gender dysphoria and this and that, it is about honestly doing a show like this. Life went on for me. I went through this and life went on and life is good. I am still working, I am still doing things, I want that to be an example to the next generation of young people who are coming up dealing with these issues”, Jenner said.

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Role model or not, Caitlyn’s life certainly went on full steam. Besides showing public support to transgender people any time she can, Jenner also got into politics. She is currently running for the governor of California looking to replace Gavin Newsom. Caitlyn is especially fierce when it comes to supporting small business owners that were hit hard with the pandemic last year. She has been traveling up and down the state in order to bring awareness to the current struggles local stores are facing. Former decathlon champion is also promoting the “shop locally” movement that is supposed to boost small-town economies.

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As soon as she stepped off the plane, Caitlyn was back on the road – this time to local “Cecilia’s Fine Jewelry” in San Diego. “Always good to meet with local small businesses across the state. Small local biz Cecilia’s Fine Jewelry was forced to shut down and they are now up and running! Thanks for having me”, she posted.

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Even though Jenner is running as the Republican candidate, the Republican party chose not to support her. In fact, no one who is running in Newsom’s recall election in September is being endorsed by the Republicans. Probably one of the best decisions by the state GOP, since California is one of the bluest states in the country.