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How To Choose The Right Wig Color To Match Your Skin Tone – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

The use of wigs is increasing because of the availability of all types and colors. You do not have to dye your hair and ruin its texture. Use a colored wig and enjoy your time all you want. Likewise, if you have short hair and you want to have a longer one, you can use a wig. And if you love your long healthy hair but also want to have a short hairstyle sometimes, wigs are best for that too.

In short, you can do anything you want with your wigs. No need to compromise or damage your natural hair. And wigs, these days. Are available in all types of textures. If you pay some extra money, you can buy wigs that are made from real hair. So they won’t even look unnatural.

The only important thing is to find a reliable seller. xrsbeautyhair.com is one such place. They have a variety of wigs, be sure to check their website and get the hair you want. And it is not just the hair color, you can get front lace and full lace wigs.

Moreover, clear and transparent fronts are also available that will make them more natural. They also have wigs made from human hair and not just synthetic ones.

But that important aspect is still there. And what that is?

Choosing the right color.

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Usually, people use wigs to make their hair look healthy, dense and full. Therefore, they do not want others to know whether they are using wigs or not.

In addition to this, even if others know, your wig should not make you look bad. Therefore, the color choice is of vital importance here. If the color of the wig does not match your skin tone, you will look strange.

So here are few things that will help you out with the selection of the right color.

Consult a makeup artist

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The simplest and easiest thing that you can do is to consult a professional. Makeup artists have studied the science of colors and they know very well that whether a color will suit you or not. Furthermore, they have worked with a lot of clients and experience is more important to get perfection. Therefore, if you do not want to take any risk, this is the best option for you.
In case, you do not want to consult a professional, you should try out this step-by-step guide.

Finding out your skin tone

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Before making your decision to find out the color you want, you should know your skin tone. Whether you have a warm tone or a cool tone. This will make it easy to get the color option. So follow these steps and find out who you are;

  • Wash your face to remove all of the makeup and get your naked face.
  • Place a white cloth or towel around your head. This is important to know that whether your face has a yellowish tone or a bluer one. White clothing will make it easier to find it out.
  • Now to find out your undertone, look at your wrist veins. They will appear either green or blue. A green tint in wrist veins means that your undertone is warm. Likewise, if the veins appear bluish, your undertone is cool.
  • Now you have known your tone. So it is time to choose the color.

Colors for warmer skin tones

People with warm skin tones should try these colors;

  • Amber
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Chestnut
  • Warm browns
  • Dark mocha
  • Chocolate

All these colors are suitable for people with a warmer tone. You can either choose to have them in a full wig or get highlights on them. The base and maximum hair should have these colors. Lighter lowlights or highlights can be done.

Red tones that you can try

If you are neither on the blue or yellow side, it means that you have a neutral skin tone. You can try out the colors for warm tones as well and also:

  • Strawberry blonde
  • Copper
  • Rust
  • Rose gold

All these colors are equally suitable for blue undertones too.

Colors to avoid

All these colors are good for warmer skin tones. But there are some colors that you should always avoid. These are;

  • Jet black
  • Platinum blonde
  • Violet
  • Blue colors

Colors for Cool Skin tones

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  • Black
  • Ash brown
  • Cool blonde
  • Honey
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Auburn

Bold color options for you

If you do not want to go with these basic options, you can try out some bold color options. They include;

  • Vibrant purple
  • Red
  • Icy blonde
  • Greys

Blue shades or highlights

In addition to this, you can also try out ashy colors and caramel, gold and honey range. They are all suitable for you.

Tips and tricks


1. Look at your natural hair color

If you are not sure about taking a bold step but still want a change, you can do it. You only have to make sure that you do not go 2 shades higher or lower than your natural color. This is a safe way to choose.

2. Your eye color is also important

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You might not consider this but your eyes have an important role in determining the hair color that suits you.

If your eye is light blue, hazel, green or golden brown, you should choose a wig with auburn, golden and dark brown and chestnut colors. And you can also go with red highlights.

And if you have dark brown or dark hazel or deep gray and blue eyes, you should go with wigs with blonde tones or brown and black.

3. Highlights

Sometimes, highlights can change the overall look of the wig. So, if you do not want a full wig, you can get highlights of different colors.