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Business Trip Packing Essentials – for Next Professional Trip

by Susan Seymour

Hardly anyone wants to go on a business trip with a huge suitcase full of things, most of which may not be useful. If the trip is short, it is advisable to go without luggage at all, limiting yourself to hand luggage, so as not to wait an extra hour for its delivery. In addition, cases of delay and loss of luggage are also not uncommon lately.

Everything you need can fit in your hand luggage, you just need to choose a suitable bag and put things in it correctly. We tell you what to take with you on a business trip to limit yourself to a baggage-free fare and at the same time not forget all the most important things and what to consider while preparing.

Which bag to choose

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Check out the baggage rules of the airline you are going to fly. Most air carriers limit the weight and size of hand luggage. If you often fly on business trips, it is worth buying a quality accessory. It is better to take a travel bag made of thick genuine leather and with strong handles so that it does not fall apart at the most inopportune moment, and for greater convenience – also with wheels.

You can take a suitcase suitable in size: made of plastic or fabric. The plastic suitcase is lightweight, keeps its shape, and just cleans itself from dirt, but there is a chance that it will crack or scratch. You can put more things in a fabric suitcase, but, unfortunately, the fabric gets dirty, and things can get wet in the rain. If you still opt for a fabric option, buy a moisture-proof cover for it.

Do not forget cash and documents

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It is best to store them in a separate pocket or a hip bag. In addition to the passport, you still need to have a copy of it just in case. The list of documents will include:

  • plane tickets;
  • medical insurance;
  • business cards to share with partners (a great idea will be to make it with your photo. Click here to know how to make it);
  • hotel bookings;
  • driver’s license;
  • personal records related to the business meeting program and travel routes.

Which clothes to take with you

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Do not take bulky and heavy outerwear with you – limit yourself to a light and compact down jacket that takes up almost no space. Instead of an umbrella in case of rain, take a raincoat – it’s not so heavy.

On a working trip, an important part of the wardrobe, of course, will be a business suit. And it is better to take with you not one, but several suits at once if we are talking about a week or longer business trip. Free time on a business trip may require an employee to have several sets of casual clothes: for walking around the city and visiting local attractions.

It is better to take clothes made of non-wrinkled fabric on a trip: for example, when choosing shirts, pay attention to the labels easy care, non-iron (without ironing), wrinkle-free (without folds), wash&go, wash and wear – such clothes will not crumple.

What personal hygiene products will you need on the road

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The volume of packaging for liquids in hand luggage should not exceed 100 ml. If the capacity is larger than allowed, but the funds in it are less than 100 ml, it still cannot be taken with you. The total volume of liquids should be no more than 1 liter.

The most convenient option is to buy a set of empty jars for traveling, where you can pour all your favorite funds.

What to do with gadgets

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On a business trip, you can’t do without a laptop. Of course, the most comfortable option is to put it in a separate bag. You can also put all the chargers, portable batteries, and a universal adapter for sockets there. But this opportunity is not always there, and most often you have to put the equipment in your hand luggage.

Keep track of the weight of the bag, backpack, or suitcase so that you do not have to pay for the overweight. To do this, buy a small luggage scale and carry them with you: they do not take up much space, weigh little and fit even in your pocket.

Technology Essentials

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Technology today is essential for business trips in order to stay connected, organized, and productive. Whether you need to take notes on the fly or quickly add information to a spreadsheet, having the right tools will make all the difference. Here are some technology essentials you should have with you on your next professional trip:

• Laptop – Essential if you need to take care of complex tasks while travelling, like creating presentations, budgeting, or accessing important files quickly. When packing a laptop, be sure that it is properly backed up and all data is secure.

• Portable Charger – Keep your devices powered up when there’s no outlet available with an external battery charger pack that fits into most purses/bags. Make sure it has enough power capacity for all your devices by checking its output rating in Watts or Amps before purchasing one for your trip.

How to pack everything

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Packing a suitcase is a whole science. Of course, it’s easy to put all the necessary things together when you’re flying with a lot of luggage, but with hand luggage, it’s more difficult. The first option is to roll things up in rolls, and put shoes in the empty spaces that have formed (do not take more than one pair: shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space).

Another technique is vacuum bags, which help to save space. Just put the clothes in the zip-up bags and let the air out of them. You can also buy a special organizer that will not only maintain order in your hand luggage but also keep your clothes in almost perfect condition, which does not require ironing.

The list that was useful to you when packing for a business trip should be with you when you return home. This will also help to quickly collect everything on the way back, without forgetting anything at the hotel.