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What Is So Special About Rajasthan?

by Lana

This a direct question. We love it. But, where to start? After all, we are talking about a place created by the minds of fairy tale writers. Or is it? That’s what one could think about it once you know the facts. The first one you need to realize it is a real place. But it is as if it was a location pulled from the One Thousand and One Nights folk tales. Rajasthan has so much to offer. People who have been there can’t stop talking about it. But, what about you who haven’t been yet?

We say yet because everyone needs to visit this part of India at least once in their lives. It is one of those locations that need to be on everyone’s bucket list. Because of this, you are free and almost obliged to ask what is so special about Rajasthan. There are plenty of things that make it unique, special, one-of-a-kind, and of course worth a visit. You’ll be sharing our opinion after reading a few of the paragraphs below.

If you like one of the things on our list, you’ll love plenty to come. So, be wise once you set your eyes on Rajasthan because to witness as much as you can you’ll need professional help from outlets such as rajasthandriver.com that could get you from one place to another as fast as possible. Trust us once you’re on the spot you won’t know where to go first. This is the thing about Rajasthan, it has so much to offer that you can’t see it all in one go, unless you have a plan, and move from one location to another speedily. Now, let us tell you what we’re talking about, and why we have this region in awe.

India’s Largest State

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Let’s start with the obvious one. India is quite massive. It consists of many states. Rajasthan is the greatest one of them all. This is what will top every list. The area covers amount sot staggering 342,239 square kilometers. It is also quite densely populated and it has approximately seventy million inhabitants. The interesting part is that Rajasthan is also divided into 22 kingdoms that back in 1949 united into the region we know today. As you can see, this region is not only massive, it has an amazing history to back it up.

Its Forts And Palaces

As we already mentioned, this is a region with a truly long and amazing history. This fact is backed up by the number of forts and palaces it has. Its past belongs to many royal families of the region that united into one state. But, their past can’t be erased. As you’ll see upon arrival, they have forts and castles that stand tall as monuments to their heritage. The best part is that these monuments of architecture are spread across the state. Once you see any of them, you’ll be in awe, and truly start believing that you’re witnessing a movie set for a fairy tale film. The ones you must see at all costs include Amer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, and City Palace in Jaipur.

Royal Heritage Hotels

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Looking for a place to stay? Look no further than the famed Royal heritage hotels that can be found in many parts of this great state. What you need to know is that these are not hotels. These are palaces. They are just used as hotels so that tourists could truly feel the Royal heritage of this Indian state. You can imagine the luxury you are going to encounter at one of these palaces. By booking a room in one of these hotels you’ll be as close to Indian royalty as close as one could imagine. This is what makes Rajasthan so amazing. You can spend your time there as once their Royals did. If you’re up for this idea picking Jaipur Rambagh Palace or Umaid Bhawan Palace will make you feel like a visiting king on a diplomatic mission.

The Great Indian Desert

As we said, Rajasthan has it all. So, why should you be surprised that there is a desert in the middle of this state? You shouldn’t be. What you should do, is go and visit it. When it comes to subtropical deserts this one falls into the top 10 categories. It is so large that it spreads into other Indian provinces such as Punjab, and Haryana, and even crosses the border to Pakistan. But, its majority, more than 50% lies in Rajasthan. So, if you want to experience some dry winds in this humid country, you need to see the dunes of Thar, the greatest desert in India.

Rajasthan Wildlife

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When you think about India, most people will focus on large animals, mostly tigers, and elephants. But, this state excels mostly in its birdlife. So, if you’re an avid bird watcher you need to spend some time visiting Rajasthan. Some of the species you are going to see there include many endangered ones and some of the rarest on the planet. The best part is that the national parks in this state are spread across it. What this means is that there’s not only one massive reservoir of wild life. No, you have a few and you can’t tell which one is better. The ones you need to visit include Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve among many others.

Festivals and Dances

While everything we mentioned above is amazing, what truly makes this area amazing are its people and customs. You won’t find too many places in the world like Rajasthan. The festival and dances you’ll encounter here can stand toe to toe with Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or Feria de Abril festivities in Seville. What you love to hear is that these festivities are not tied to a specific time of the year. You can meet them all over the year. The colors, the music, and the motion tie to these dances and festivities and are so original, that you won’t meet it anywhere else on the globe. The culture of this region will swipe anyone off their feet. Just some of the festivals we would love to single out include Bikaner Camel Festival, Marwar Festival, and Mewar fair among many others.