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Should You Hire Uniformed Or Plainclothes Security For Your Event

by Kim Marks

An event is a crucial situation for anyone hosting it, and along with it, the crowd’s protection and safety are essential factors to consider. Especially if it is a business-related function, the aspect of being secured and not availing the merchandise or products of the company to outsiders or through vandalism must be prominent.

In all these circumstances, hiring security services to handle the situation well and to prohibit any indecent act is a life-changing decision. This trained security personnel will take matters into their own hands and enable them to have a fantastic event without mishaps.

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How To Decide If Your Event Requires Security Services?

As mentioned in the beginning, the main aim of hiring security services is to bring overall protection for the scheduled event. The factors deciding whether these trained and hired security guards are needed depend on the type and size of the function along with other external aspects.

These factors will be discussed in detail below, which is a starting point to help decide whether the event should be a security guard-protected one.

Depending On The Type Of The Event

The most vital point to consider when recruiting security services for the event is the type of event. For instance, if it is a small family gathering or a reunion with friends with a small number of people, it certainly is an event without the need for trained security personnel. These people are familiar, so the need for protection is beyond the point to consider.

In contrast, if the event is hosted in a public place with a vast crowd, including unknown people, then this event requires security for various reasons. The public is unknown, and their behavior can be unexpected; therefore, it is advised to take prevention and precautions before any ordeal happens.

Depending On The Size Of The Event

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The size of the event is as important as the type of event to consider the need for security services. Usually, a wedding or any private function does not require a security guard as the number of people will be less. Therefore, monitoring people and ensuring that everything goes smoothly is easy and convenient.

Security services are essential for protection and safety. They are a great way to manage the overall crowd that will gather on occasion. If a private event still requires these services, trained guards can be hired who can appear in plain clothes to avoid confusion among the crowd.

To clarify any confusion, always check on the type and size of the event, and if it’s still doubtful, contact any security services for proper assistance and guidance.

Depending On The Place

Lastly, the third essential and helpful factor is to note the event’s venue. The crowd will be more and less manageable if it is a bar or a spacious public area. Moreover, along with the use of alcohol, things could go wrong, and it is better to have security services to manage the crowd and avoid chaos during the function.

Security services provide trained and professional people who have undergone training for first aid, among other necessary needs. Hence, they will be beneficial if there happens to be any injury and helps to host a smooth event by taking care of every small mess discreetly and professionally.

Security Services In Uniforms

Security services are often provided with guards wearing a uniform for the occasion. The primary purpose of security in any place is to guard and protect the area and avoid any crime that could occur. For these, comfortable security uniforms should be provided as these jobs include constant movements.

Most of the time, the uniforms of the security sector are similar to that of a police officer. However, high events could hire professionals in good quality suits for the job or even in plain shirts and elegant formal attire at other times. These uniforms are a way to make anyone think twice before committing chaos or crime on the scene.

Security Services In Plainclothes

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Contrary to the security guard in uniform, wearing plain clothes is a way of going undercover to catch any suspicious acts that have been investigated for some time. Security services in plainclothes can be hired to avoid confusion among the people and ensure that people committing a crime are unaware of them being watched.

This is an excellent way if the event needs security but, at the same time, should lie low for the pretense of everything going smoothly. Not only could the criminals be caught easily, but also they would be caught without a warning which can throw them off of their suspicious acts.

Benefits Of Both Uniformed And Plain Clothes Guards

It is clear that security services are essential for any occasion that needs crowd management and the avoidance of unforeseen issues. After deciding if these services should be hired for the event, the next question could be whether they have to be in their uniforms.

The decision for this could be based on the factors discussed above but read on further to know the benefits of each of these services to make the final decision.

Benefits Of Guards In Uniforms

  • Avail of essential protection and safety of valuable products and merchandise
  • Avoiding vandalism and cause of chaos after seeing the uniforms
  • Great way to make the crowd feel safe and secured
  • People or criminals might be cautious of committing a crime
  • Creates an environment that makes the people restrict making a scene due to fear of getting caught.

Benefits Of Guards In Plainclothes

  • An environment that is devoid of confusion among the crowd due to the uniforms of the guards
  • A great tactic for businesses that needs protection but also a safe and reliable environment for others
  • Criminals can be watched without them knowing and can keep track of their acts
  • People can be caught off guard while doing thefts and crimes
  • Best to do a long-term investigation and analysis of a dispute


Source: silentprofessionals.org

Services that provide exceptionally trained guards with outstanding skills to manage any circumstance with speed and patience are the main factors. Select a trustworthy agency for the recruit and hire the required number of guards for the specific event.

Further, uniforms or plain clothes can be decided by checking the factors discussed along with other external and personal information.