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Brad Pitt’s Mother Wants His Romance With Jennifer Aniston to Work

by Elsa Stringer

According to tabloids, the mother of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt does not want her son to mess up his new romance with Jennifer Aniston. According to the source, Jane, Pitt’s mother is very excited about his reunion with his ex-wife. 


Still, she is also very nervous about it. “Jane’s so happy to see Brad and Jen on great terms again. She won’t stop telling Brad not to mess things up like he did before. Jane and Jen always got on well, and kept in touch, even when Brad was married to Angelina [Jolie].”

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“She’s now convinced it was written in the stars for them to have another chance of happiness. Brad appreciates where his mum is coming from, but this has touched a raw nerve, because it’s still early days and both he and Jen are finding all the attention stressful. He’s already dealing with so much unwanted advice from his Hollywood friends, the last things he needs is his mum butting in on his love life.”


However, the source is an infamous tabloid by the name of “Heat”, famous for fabricating untrue stories for the sake of gossip and spreading rumors. Therefore, there is probably no truth and evidence behind their claims, especially because Pitt and Aniston are not together.


Their respective teams and representatives confirmed no news of a rekindled relationship, meaning his mother did not really say any of this.

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