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Brad Pitt Was Barely Recognizable in His New Outfit

by Elsa Stringer

The famous Hollywood actor and the dream of every woman has left the photographs and fans stunned in front of a hotel. Brad Pitt was snapped leaving the hotel where he was staying.

He was on his way to the airport, and the style he opted for was not his best work. Therefore, many have since though that something was wrong.


With his untidy hair and stubble, and a weird clothing combination, he was unrecognizable, and a far cry from what the general public is used to.

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He took multiple layer clothing seriously, but not in a good way. In an attempt to look modern and chic, he dressed in a way that makes him look like a homeless person who put on the first thing he spotted.


Matching colors is obviously not his forte, so it would clearly be better for him to stick to his regular style of clothing. Everyone knows he looks great in those!