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Boy Worshiped as Monkey God Due to His Hairy Tail!

by Sinisav

DAILY STAR – 04/07/2020: There’s a little chance you will hear a weirder story than this one today. Apparently, there’s a boy in India who is worshiped as a God. Not just any God, but as a Monkey God. Six-year-old Shivam Kumar is a deity to his fellow villagers who started worship him after it was discovered that he has a hairy tail.

This story originates from a town located near Delhi. The boy is now regarded as the second coming of a Hindu monkey God called Hanuman. Shivam Kumar was born with a hairy tail, and since his birth, he was adored by locals. His mother, Reena, states that friends, family, and other people insist on treating him as the Earthly incarnation of the Hindu monkey God Hanuman.

Shivam Kumar

Source: mirror.co.uk

Whatever they say or do, people just won’t change their opinion according to his mom: “Everyone loves him so much in my neighborhood. Initially, it caused a problem for us as people would visit our house every other day, which would hinder our daily lives.”

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Reena stated that even their local guru couldn’t make people stop worship her six-year-old son: Our guru suggested asking people to stop this madness and let them live their life, so we followed his instructions and the people now have lessened approaching us although it has not stopped completely. Sometimes people would come and ask about Shivam, but we would deny saying he is not in the house.”

Shivam Kumar

Source: mirror.co.uk

Shivam’s mother says he’s a perfectly healthy young boy, and that they don’t have plans of removing his tail as it doesn’t influence his health. Furthermore, they believe that if they would shave his tail, it could be a bad omen for their family.

The eldest member of the Kumar family, his grandmother, believes there’s a trace of Hanuman in her grandchild: “He acts and behaves like a monkey. He will laugh like an ape and always keep jumping. He will invert himself and stay with his legs up in the air, just like a monkey would do.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk