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Best Online Learning Platforms

by Tracy Finke

Virtual learning has become a part of our lives already. From getting higher education to watching webinars to acquiring special knowledge in your field of work, digital platforms for all kinds of learning exist today. However, because of the abundance of such services in all possible formats and languages, it has become rather challenging to discover solutions that will meet all your expectations.

It is important to find not only a good educational course with valuable information but a solution that will be compatible with convenient video call software. Digital Samba (https://www.digitalsamba.com/video-api) is often used as a platform for virtual learning in tandem with educational platforms. High-quality software makes education more effective and approachable. Read along to find out how to pick the best learning platform for you.

Choosing the Most Fitting Learning Platform for You

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There are a lot of aspects to consider when you are choosing an educational platform for yourself or someone else. There is much more to each learning website than simply the contents of the courses or videos. The basic requirements might vary for every person, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you are browsing through the options nonetheless. Consider the following features:

  • Accessibility – each learning site must be user-friendly for everyone. People of all demographics use educational platforms, from students to teachers. A site must be understandable and accessible at all times.
  • Compatibility – there are numerous learning sites and video conferencing software solutions used to facilitate studying. The software you are usually using must be compatible with the learning platform. Often, educational websites have video conferencing solutions, which makes working with a few different sites difficult. There should be an option to use one specific program for video calls.
  • Convenient learning – digital learning can be done in real-time and by watching pre-recorded videos. Not everyone can join live streams every single time even despite the convenience of virtual education for scheduling lessons. Your learning platform must offer live lessons and the opportunity to re-watch the material at any time.
  • Supported devices – the beauty of modern technology is that any kind of device can be potentially used for digital learning. However, it depends on the educational platform provider to ensure that their solutions are compatible with different operating systems. Some sites are only available on PC, while the others work best on mobile. A good learning platform should be compatible with both desktop and portable devices. It would be perfect to have a dedicated application as well instead of using a mobile website.

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  • Analytics – for education, it is especially important to see how well specific videos and posts perform. In addition, in a video course, it is necessary to know whether students watch all the videos and if they finish or skip them after a while. Such analytics allow monitoring the progress and improving the content if necessary.
  • Security – digital security is extremely important. It is so simple to put your personal data in danger in case you fail to use safe websites and use protective measures. To avoid hacking threats and other cyber dangers, it is important to register only on those websites that use powerful encryption to protect their data and operate legally. One of the most common illegal activities on studying websites is recording the lessons without permission of every participant, so watch out for that.
  • Scalability – the demand for virtual education continues to grow, and the chosen website should be able to support the necessary number of students for a lesson. While it is simple to deal with one class comprising a couple of dozen students, it is more difficult to accommodate a whole school or college. Find out in advance whether the platform of your choice will continue to grow to fit everyone.

Taking time to review the platform before joining in will save your time and money. It is better to spend some extra hours searching for the perfect learning site than switching through many different ones after receiving a bad experience.

Video Software for Online Studying

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One of the key elements of successful online education is video conferencing software. Of course, it is possible to learn via text posts and quizzes, but the most effective digital education requires watching videos and joining virtual conferences to learn from teachers and mentors, more about this you can find on brighterly.com. Consider these factors when selecting video call software:

  • Price – free digital conferencing software exists, but it is very limited. Top-quality video calling software requires some kind of subscription. Evaluate the cost of service based on its quality and the features available.
  • Features – the latest video conferencing solutions come with a wide array of features that make your experience better. It is no use to settle for a program that only allows you to arrange video calls. You should be able to send files, share your screen, create quizzes and polls, create separate virtual rooms, and more. However, quality is more important than quantity. See if all the necessary features work properly and are convenient for your education or teaching.
  • Software support – technical support is crucial when it comes to any kind of technology. It is incredibly frustrating when your online lesson keeps lagging or going off. If you are a teacher, you should also ensure that your student can learn without having constant trouble with the software. Of course, any program or virtual platform can have occasional issues, which is why you should be able to contact competent technical care and receive immediate assistance.

Choosing a good video conferencing provider is half of the deal when it comes to digital education. Take your time to discover the best solutions.