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How To Paint A Room Faster Without Making A Mess

by Tracy Finke

Are you planning to redecorate your room or thinking of painting the walls? Painting the room is the most common DIY for home repairs and renovations. It saves money on the professional people you need to hire. Without any prior experience, you can nail painting the walls if you follow the proper techniques. It is a tedious yet fun experience.

However, you can always avail of house painting services from various sites like drhousepainter.com. This article points out the things you need to remember while painting your room.

Painting a room is very tedious and messy. It would be best if you were prepared for all the mess and made arrangements accordingly. The paint tends to Spill and splatter in the room. To avoid this, there are certain -precautions and procedures you need to take before starting the painting work for quick and tidy painting.

The majority of cleaning a room lies in the preparation needed to avoid any damage to the things and furniture. It is like 80-85% preparing, and the remaining is actual painting work.

The Preparation You Need To Do To Avoid The Mess

  • Clear The Room

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You must clear the room as much as possible. Move away all the furniture that is across the wall. That is the best thing if there’s an option to shift the furniture to a completely different room. It will not just prevent the furniture from any damage but also gives you ample space to move around and do your painting. If the furniture is immovable, cover everything with a cloth or plastic to leave no surface exposed.

Make sure to move the other items in the room as well. Not all paints get easily wiped and cleared. You would not want to risk your stuff. Make sure that you have enough space in the room.

  • Remove The Wall Hangings

You need all of your walls completely free of any items and hangings. If possible, remove the switch plates, outlet covers, etc. You can always cover the sides with the painting tape but if you want to do it perfectly up to the edges, try removing the plates.

  • Protect/Cover The Flooring

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The floors are the most affected during painting. The paint on hard surface flooring may be wiped while it is wet, but once it dries out, not necessary, you can always scrape it. Small splatter and drips can also damage the floors. And If in case, you accidentally spill the entire container, it will be challenging to wipe it all away. Thus, it would be best if you covered your floors.

The carpet flooring is most affected. Wiping or scraping paint is not even an option. Thu, you must cover the carpet with linens, plastic, or any other material that will prevent it from exposure to paint.

  • Protect The Door Knobs And Handles.

The knobs and handles should also be protected if you paint your door. The pain causes them damage. Ensure to cover all the panels and latches. You can also tape it with painter’s tape.

  • Protect Your Skin

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Enough of the furniture and the room. Self-protection is equally essential. Here’s a quick and easy hack you must do so that paint can quickly get away from your skin. Apply body lotion to the exposed parts of your skin, like the face, arms, hands, feet, etc. The oiliness causes the paint splatters to rinse off quickly.

This was the first step toward the procedure of painting the room. Once you are done with these checks, Follow the following guidelines to paint fast and without a mess.

Fast Painting Tips

  • Collect All The Required Material

The foremost thing you should do is be ready with all the necessary and required material. You are going to need it in the process. You will need drop cloths, Painter’, s tape, roller, paint tray, Brushes, primer, and so on. Have it all in one place so that you need to run for it once you start with the process.

  • Clean The Wall

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Before starting the process, you need to see to it that there is no dust on all; start cleaning them. Also, look for fixtures you need to make for the patches, Fill in all the holes and make the wall surface even and fast to paint.

  • Apply Primer

Although the paints these days come with primers in themselves, there are times when you need to apply them. Primer coating helps the paint sit properly and keeps the color intact. The saturation is exactly as it’s expected.

  • Trimming And Rolling

Once the primer is applied, ist time to paint the room. It is divided into techniques, trimming and rolling. You must first trim the Doorways, corners, ceiling, windows, etc. After trimming, the last step is rolling. Use rollers for this purpose. Roll the paint over the walls with the appropriate technique. It’s a straightforward and quick method. Let the first coat dry, and start with the second coat. Some people may; like one coat, but for results, go for two coats of paint. Once the paint dries completely, remove all the tapes and hang back the things.

  • Use The Proper Technique And Tools

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The techniques of a brush and roller are different. Plan the type of effect and the design you want for your wall, and then plan the tool accordingly. Do proper research on the step-by-step technique of applying the paint.


Nowadays, people mostly paint their rooms themselves. d to It is one of the most common DIY. It might seem like a lot of work, but it is mandatory if you want to avoid any mess and damage. Protect your furniture, wall fixtures, doors, know, window pales, and floors so that you don’t have to do the extra work of cleaning and scraping these things. The article also states the tips for fast painting. It will help you in saving your time and energy. Go through the complete guide on painting techniques.