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Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

by Jajce d Muckic

Netflix has now become the universal synonym for chilling and relaxing. It’s a great service but lately, users have started using 123movies and other online streaming websites due to Netflix prices increase. Even then, Netflix is a huge house of movies and spending hours deciding what to watch can be extremely frustrating, and after a bad day, it just ruins your whole mood of chilling. The abundance of movies can be called a double-edged sword; instead of sleeping while watching a movie, people now sleep while deciding what to watch. So to help you all, here is a list of great movies to watch on Netflix right now.


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Wind River is a neo-western murder mystery film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. The actors are well-known and well-versed. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.  The story is said to be inspired by true events, which means inspired by thousands of such events. It’s a critic who loved the movie and a perfect weekend night movie for mystery lovers.


The newest addition to the house of Netflix has immediately grabbed popular attention. The new hotshot for high school girls Noah Centineo stars as the main lead in the movie with Laura Marano who is the new crush for high school guys. The concept of the movie at first seems cliché, but later in the movie, it gets interesting. The movie is perfect on nights when you want to relax and watch a comedy; it’s a great movie to watch with your friends and chill. The movie is starring high school kids, but any age of audience would love t watch it.


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No matter how old we grow, there is no way that we wouldn’t love a good animated movie. Coco is a cute movie packed with a lot of emotions; it’s like experiencing 16 moods in 60 minutes. The movies have a teaspoon of comedy, a cup of drama and a handful of nostalgia. It’s like the movie was made with love. If you are having a rough week, this is your go-to movie, the movie teaches you gratitude, and this also makes it ideal for parents who want to sit and watch movies with their kids.


The classic movie is a great thriller and action movie with smart comedy. It wouldn’t be right to say that its a fantastic movie but it’s a good one time watch fun movie which you can enjoy while eating popcorn and coke and not worrying about carbs or your weight. It’s worthy of being on your Netflix and chill list. As the protagonist is an agent with Dwayne Johnson, its already known that the movie is going to be fun.