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Top TV Shows Canceled in 2019

by Jajce d Muckic

So far, 2019 has been an incredible year for the movie and TV industry. Fans from all over the world were filled with adrenaline while watching the end of their favorite arcs, TV shows, movies, etc. The hype for the Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame and HBO’S Game of Thrones has shown in the money graphs. But with such great movies and TV shows, there are some favorites which have got canceled this year. Let’s take a look at the shows which could have made this year even more significant. If you want to catch up on all the listed tv shows, and watch series for free, visit putlockers7 for free movies.

1] American Vandal

As the name suggests, it’s an American documentary web television series created by Dan Perrault. The smart comedy show aired on Netflix. It was a parody show of real crimes solved by two young boys and the show fixated on bathroom humor. The show made it clear that mockumentary-style comedy is much more layered than a well-placed poop joke. On October 26, 2018, after the second season, Netflix nixed one of the smartest comedies before its time. The third season could have made 2019 a better year.

2] The Punisher

The Punisher is a fictional character owned by Marvel. Garry Conway created the character. Even though it wasn’t the best of Marvel and Netflix and franchise, it has got 8.9 ratings on IMDB, and it’s a big thing. The Italian-American character is a vigilante who is involved in murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and threats of violence. The Punisher wages a one-person war on the mob and all violent criminals in general while employing the use of various firearms. Driven by the deaths of his family, wife and two children, who were killed by the mob for witnessing a killing in New York City’s Central Park. His family’s killers were the first to be slain. A war veteran and the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Castle is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, guerrilla warfare, and marksmanship. The Punisher by nature is brutal. The series had high two seasons and would have been enough to warrant two more seasons, but for some reason, Netflix decided to cancel the show, and 2019 was kept away from a great series.

3] Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was an American web series owned by Marvel and shown on Netflix. It was the story of a former superhero who opened her detective agency. Jessica jones like the Punisher got a good rating on IMDB 8.0 and aired for two remarkable seasons. Marvel fans from all over seemed to love the series, but a few critics claimed that the brutal depiction of dark topics like rape, assault, and post-traumatic stress disorder wasn’t right for public viewing. Even with such acclamation the show successfully released two seasons and gathering tremendous response but the show also picked popular heat because marvel is known for its comic and light, but awesome movies but the show seemed to turn a  bit more like DC. The critic’s reviews finally made an effect in 2018 and the shows third season which was set to release in 2019 was canceled and many Marvel fans were left disheartened.

These were the top 3 publicly liked series which were set to release a new season in 2019 but were canceled and fans from all over the globe were disappointed.