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Waste heat recovery in the industry

by Jajce d Muckic

Flue gas heat recovery systems are ideal wherever heat is generated in process technology and has previously been dissipated unused via the chimney. A heat recovery system includes not only the heat exchangers and their controls, but also, in order to ensure optimum chimney draught, a suitable chimney/exhaust fan with an associated control system.

Heat recovery takes place via a flue gas or condensation air/water heat exchanger which is mounted in the flue gas path. The energy recovered in this way is transferred via the heat exchanger to the carrier medium water and conveyed to a buffer storage tank provided by the customer.

Depending on the control variant, the recovered heat is directly available to support the heating system. Alternatively, it can also be stored in order to make it available for a later production process. exodraft Ltd. can assist all industries with the design of the required heat exchanger and exhaust fans. The required flue gas fans are designed using a chimney calculation program in accordance with DIN EN13384-1 or 13381-3.

The company offers optimal possibilities for the production of hot water by an efficient exhaust heat recovery for a burner capacity of 60 to 1000kW.

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The flue gases flow directly after the boiler through an asynchronous plate heat exchanger and heat the water of a buffer storage tank flowing through the secondary side using the direct current principle.

Thanks to the installation concept, warm and also very hot water can be heated up to 85°C in a very short time. On the primary side, the flue gases are cooled down to approx. 100°C. The water is then heated up to a temperature of 85°C in a very short time.

A pressure-regulated flue gas/chimney fan ensures an optimized flue gas flow and always operates the boiler at an economical level. The hot water stored in the buffer tank can be used immediately to support cleaning processes, process heat or to heat buildings.

By using a heat recovery system and a mechanical chimney fan from exodraft Ltd. you will gain the following advantages:

  • high efficiency due to a highly efficient plate heat exchanger
  • easy retrofitting due to the compact, space-saving design
  • convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • integrated safety device
  • user-friendly system control
  • quick amortization
  • good profitability
  • reduction of the CO2 balance

Exodraft analyses, plans, and projects existing plants as well as new plants

Together with system partners, exodraft realize your project, commission your plant expertly and with a maintenance service agreement, you are always on the safe side.

The realization of the heat recovery systems is relatively short-term and ensures a short payback period in multi-shift operation. This payback period is based on energy efficiency software tested by industry and universities.

In addition to chimney technology, our system solutions also include the integration of electrical and hydraulic components. This leads to a smooth installation and commissioning process for both existing and new boiler systems.

Thanks to the easy-to-maintain, highly efficient air/water heat exchangers, you can achieve maximum results for both flue gas and steam and reuse the recovered energy for your processes. exodraft Ltd. will be pleased to provide you with a system offers for the entire heat recovery including flue gas system and chimney with installation and commissioning.

For more information – visit the websites exodraft-heatrecovery.com & exodraft-chimneyfans.co.uk