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9 Best Beach Activities You Should Try With Your Friends Before You Die

by Tracy Finke

Visiting the beach with your friends is one of the most fun things you can do. And if there’s a big group of you, the possibilities for things to do are endless. Whether your group is chilled out and relaxed or looking to have white-knuckle experiences, just check out what’s happening at your local beach before you visit.

In this post, we’ll give you an idea of some of the best beach activities you can do with your friends. With everything from chilled stand-up paddle boarding, to competitive beach volleyball, to crazy experiences like flying fish and banana boat, there’s a beach activity for you and your friends to enjoy. Let’s check out the best ones!

1. Stand up Paddle Boarding


To begin with, let’s check out one of the most popular sports in the world right now. Stand up paddle boarding is something that you can enjoy solo or in a group of friends. According to gilisports.com, you could even bring your dog if you like! If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, you’ll see stand up paddle boarders mostly on flat water and lagoons. While paddle boarders make their way across the water, they are giving their core a great workout.

If you’ve never tried paddle boarding before, taking a beginner’s lesson is a great way to learn the basics and have an awesome shared experience. Who knows, it might become your primary reason for visiting the beach!

2. Surfing


Another great experience you can have on a board is surfing. One of the most popular water sports in the world, it might seem a bit intimidating at first, but after a couple of lessons, you’re sure to love it. While most beaches are good for stand up paddle boarding, the same cannot be said with surfing.

You’ll be looking for places with the right wind and wave conditions. And they may not be great all year round. However, should you find the right beach it’s an awesome experience to have with your friends.

3. Parasailing


Are there any daredevils in your friendship group? This might not be for everyone, but parasailing is something that is a wonderful feeling to do together… The adrenaline rush that you get from being hundreds of meters above the beach isn’t really comparable with any other sport – except maybe sky diving. However, you’ll always be safe as you’re attached to the back of a speedboat. If you want to give this a go, you’ll have to be comfortable with your friends hearing you scream!

Parasailing is usually quite a quick activity. You’ll only be in the air for 10 – 15 minutes, so you can combine with a few more activities to help you relax.

4. Banana Boat


This one is especially popular if you’re planning to visit beaches in Spain. Banana boats are long inflatable boats that travel at high speed attached to the back of a speedboat. Much like parasailing!

The difference is how many people can fit on a banana boat. There’s enough space for 4 – 6 friends to be dragged along. Hold on as hard as you can, otherwise, you might fall off into the water. This is one of the most fun activities you can have with your friends on the beach, just as long as you don’t mind getting wet.

5. Beach Volleyball


Not all of the activities you can enjoy with your friends include going into the water. Many beaches have volleyball courts set up ready and waiting, all you need to do is bring a ball. A game of beach volleyball is a great way to get some exercise and drum up some competition with your mates.

Try and get as long a rally going as possible before trying to score a point. Beach volleyball is a little different from indoor volleyball – it’s a little bit smaller and you won’t see an attack line. You also have smaller teams (doubles) as opposed to teams of six on the beach. However, if there’s enough room for you on the court, you don’t have to follow the rules!

6. Cliff jumping


Now, when we say cliff jumping we don’t just mean any old cliff. Cliff jumping or diving is one of the most fun and extreme activities you can do at the beach, but be sure to be safe while you’re doing it. You should know how deep the water is before diving in, because broken bones at the beach aren’t fun for anyone.

Once you’ve jumped, make sure that your friend has left the area that you’re aiming for. You don’t want to jump on top of them! Also, go feet first as it’s the safest way to do it. For the few seconds that you’re in the air, try to enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun when you do it right!

7. Sea Kayaking


From cliff jumping, banana boating, and parasailing, let’s go back to something a little more chilled out. Sea kayaking is a little like stand up paddle boarding – a good workout for the car and a relaxed way to find your way around the coast. Sea kayaking is especially good if you want to explore coastal caves and paddle to nearby beaches and hidden islands. It’s easy to rent a kayak too!

8. Snorkeling/Scuba Diving


While sea kayaking will help you see marine life such as seals and sea lions, it’s only with snorkeling and scuba diving that you can really immerse yourself in the ocean. Depending on where you are in the world, you could see anything from turtles, rays, and sharks to nature’s gentle giants of blue whales and humpbacks!

Snorkeling is great if you’re just looking to paddle off the beach. However, consider scuba diving and getting a PADI certificate if you want to dive deep!

9. Flying Fish


Last of all, one of the more unique activities you can do with your friends. Flying Fish isn’t widely popular, but if you head to Bali you can give it a go. It’s not too different to parasailing in the sense that you’ll be pulled along by a speedboat. However, in this one, you’re strapped to an inflatable rubber boat as you fly above the beach!