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Top 8 Kayaking Destinations in the World

by William Gist

If you are an action sports lover, an adrenaline junkie, or you just love spending time outdoors, there is nothing better than going to the open water on a kayak. Kayaking is not only about looking for rivers or sea to conquer, but it is also about wading out into the deep pockets, enjoying the amazing scenery around you, and discovering some mesmerizing places that will make your trip more memorable. In this article, you will be able to read about the top 8 kayaking destinations that you should visit if you are a kayaking lover. Let’s take a look:

1. The Glacier Bay, Alaska

As you might already know, Alaska’s glaciers are some of the most impressive ones in the world and there is nothing better than kayaking alongside them. Kayak through the cold, icy water of glacier bay national park and you will be amazed by the glaciers tower above you. If you are lucky, you may even see glaciers calving – which sounds just like thunder. The glacier in Alaska might seem deserted, however, there is a lot of wildlife to see there, from seals to whales and otters that love swimming alongside you. There are also moose and bears in the forests close to the shore.

2. The Amazon River


For most people, the thought of kayaking on the Amazon river is scary at first. Sit-on-top kayaks may be perfect for this occasion – read more about them here. It is the second-largest river, filled with dangerous wildlife like crocodiles, anacondas, piranha fish, and so on. Besides all this, it is still one of the best kayaking destinations in the world. You will see the jungle and listen to the amazing sounds of the rainforest. Of course, this does not mean that you should kayak the entire river or do it alone. It is a major endeavor and it is one that will require a lot of planning.

3. Svalbard, Norway


Norway is probably a country that has the most spectacular views and it is made for kayaking. Opt for kayaking through glaciers, fjords, and past Geysers. Kayaking in Svalbard will give you the perfect kayaking experience. You will have opportunities to see polar bears, reindeer, puffins, and seals. And, if you are lucky enough, you might even see the incredible Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as it is commonly referred to.

4. Fiji


Fiji is a tropical kayaking destination and with tropical destinations come clear blue water, perfect, white, sandy beaches, and palm trees. There are various places in Fiji that offer guided kayaking tours or an opportunity to rent a kayak and create your own adventure. Of course, Fiji’s biggest selling points is the freedom it gives you for exploring. There are so many islands that you can go to and even more uninhabited islands that you can kayak to and explore. If you want to see what types of kayaks you can get, click here.

5. Milford Sound, New Zealand


This is perhaps one of the best destinations for kayaking that you will find. Whatever you are looking for, Milford Sound has it. It is one of the most diverse destinations and you will be pleased that it is a lot warmer than, of course, arctic destinations. Choose a warm and calm paddle to North Island or opt for an extreme and adventurous one to the Fiordland. Whatever location you opt for, you will find beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and crystal blue waters. Also, you will be able to see a lot of wildlife there, from fish in the water beneath you to dolphins passing you as you paddle.

6. San Francisco, The United States of America

If you are looking for a city kayaking destination, San Francisco is perfect. There is nothing more idyllic and movie-like than paddling under the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. If possible, you should try paddling in the early morning or evening since the water is quieter during that time, and there are less boats.

7. Na Pali, Kauai, Hawaii


Since this is a perfect spot for snorkeling, it is also perfect for kayaking. The waters in Hawaii are crystal clear, so you will be able to see a wide range of fish and corals as you paddle to the sea. Because it is such a popular kayaking location, you will be able to find various kayak rental places and kayak guide that all have good equipment and knowledge of the area and sea.

8. Baja California, Mexico


This is one of those kayak locations where you will most likely and definitely see a whale from a very close perspective. Of course, this encounter will be a bit scary at first, but if you manage to spot one of these amazing creatures, it will be an experience that you will never forget in your life. The weather in Baja is also extremely warm, hence, it is perfect for a relaxed and warm paddle under the Sun.


The five destinations from this article will all bring you different experiences. However, whatever destination you choose, you will definitely have a lot of wonderful stories and pictures to show, as well as a vacation that you will never forget.