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10 Meaningful Ways to Support Equality for Women

by Dangula Bingula

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day – a day that celebrates the anniversary of women being granted the right to vote in the United States. The day doesn’t just bring attention to the woman’s suffrage movement; it is a day to celebrate the impact women have and the progress being made towards equality. There are several different ways to celebrate Women’s Equality Day. Here are a few easy ideas.

1. Donate

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Donating can be a great way to support women’s rights and make the world a better place. There are several good causes designed to help women. Whether you want to support women entering the workforce or those who need assistance during a crisis, there are charities that can help.

One of the most popular kinds of causes are those that help women further their careers. One way to empower women and help them continue to level the playing field in the workforce is to donate to a non-profit organization. Female entrepreneurs and executives have been changing the way we think about business. There are several financing, mentorship, training, and advocacy causes that strive to help women enter or further their career.

2. Purchase from a Women-Owned Business

In addition to donating directly to causes, you can show your support by identifying and shopping at women-owned businesses. One way to do this is to think about the items you use every day. Research some of your favorite companies and what they stand for. Some companies are going the extra mile to lift people up. Bev is a great example, as the popular winemaker is dedicated to female empowerment.

3. Shop with Intent

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Many brands focus their efforts on making charitable donations or actively contributing to causes. Shopping with intent means knowing a portion of your money is going directly to a cause. When you shop with intent, you are also actively supporting brands that are passionate about making the world a better place.

There are several companies that support charities or causes. Some companies may offer a certain line of products to promote non-profit organizations. The foundation JUST, for example, has partnered with www.silpada.com for a donation event focused on helping women entrepreneurs with fragile small businesses during the unprecedented financial uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

4. Sign Petitions and Get Active

While women’s rights have come a long way in the past few years, there are still several injustices that happen every day. Women’s Equality Day celebrates a historical event that took years of activism to achieve; what better way to celebrate than to take a proactive approach towards equality? There are several websites that host online petitions for small and large causes and your signature can make a difference.

5. Write a Thank You Letter

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Think about the influential women in your life and what they accomplished. Even if you aren’t sure of how they struggled, you can still write a meaningful letter to show them your gratitude. Start with women you know personally or try to connect with an influential celebrity or politician. If they write back, you may learn something new about the impact they have on society or the struggles they faced as a woman.

6. Form a Support Group

Women’s groups are a great way to connect with others in your area. While there are tons of benefits to meeting in person, a lot of people choose to connect digitally. Joining Facebook groups, for example, can be a great way to meet others with similar interests. If you don’t want to create a group to discuss the injustices women face, you can form women-only groups dedicated to your favorite hobby or general interest.

7. Conduct Research on Historical Women

Another easy way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day is to start researching historical women and the impact they had on society. By better understanding history, you can appreciate the present and gain more insight into the meaning behind the holiday. You can easily pick a different historical woman to research each year. If you have children, try going to the library to find books to teach them about women’s rights milestones and the women who helped make them happen.

8. Mentor a Girl Who Needs It

Mentorship can be a great way to empower women. Younger girls often need guidance to help them navigate through their lives. While many girls can find support in their families, friends, or teachers, there are still many who lack emotional support and guidance. Try looking for local charity groups that help connect younger girls to qualified mentors. If you are having difficulty finding a service in your area, try talking to the guidance counselor of a nearby school. They may be able to connect you with local resources or a struggling student.

9. Use Social Media

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Social media is a powerful tool. In the past few years, social media has become a platform to spread information on a wide range of social issues. On Women’s Equality Day, use this tool to connect to others and show support. Research modern issues on Facebook or Twitter. Share news stories or inspiring posts that bring these issues to light. If you notice an injustice, use social media to voice your concerns and start a dialogue.

10. Learn Your Own History

Women’s Equality Day can be the perfect time to start learning about genealogy. As you put together your family tree, think about the roles the women in your family had. Even if you aren’t directly related to a historical figure, you can still research these women’s roles. Housewives, farmers, small business owners, executives, and stay-at-home moms all made meaningful contributions to society. By identifying these roles, you can appreciate your personal history and women more.

This year, celebrate Women’s Equality Day by finding easy ways to support women’s rights. Whether you are learning about historical figures, identifying ways to help women in your community, or shopping to support a cause, you are helping to spread the word and create a more equal world.