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Best Science Essay Topics

by William Gist

Whether you enjoy writing or not, writing essays is something not possible to avoid, especially during high school. On the other hand, even if you bear the knowledge of the subject you are about to write on, it does not necessarily mean that your skillset enables you to pass on that knowledge and present it in the written form.

Cases, where students fail to express themself via essay writing even when they are quite familiar with the material, are not a rarity. On the other hand, there are students who not only enjoy writing essays, but that type of expression is their preferred way of communication.

No matter what students prefer, essay writing is an obligatory form and it affects grading quite a bit. Therefore, knowing what to do and how to do it may prove essential for higher grades you may be pursuing. What could prove crucial when writing your science essays is the topic you should process. Apart from the obligatory subjects you ought to write about, there are times when choosing the science topic depends solely on you.

There are multiple criteria you should meet when choosing a subject to work on. Firstly, you should be familiar with the topic you choose. That will not save you from the extensive research you ought to do next, but you should at least know from where to start. Secondly, science topics should be actual topics, so your readers could relate to what you are writing about. Apart from actual themes, recognizable materials prove to be interesting material. In the following rows, we shall discuss what one of the best science topics to write about are and what makes them ideal for writing.

Computer Science


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a household without a PC. Therefore, it would be pretty hard not to relate to this type of subject. Subjects contained within the main subjects are numerous, so it would be easy to find what suits your needs.

Whether it is the new graphics card that enables you to play every single game title from here to eternity or that AI just might take over the world. On the other hand, you may highlight the interconnection between the modern-day industry and robotics, a juncture that would hardly be possible without contemporary computers and their various application.

Environmental Science


Climate change knocks both on your door and your tv screen. The omnipresence of this subject makes it an ideal material to write about. Considering the written and unwritten media report daily on this thesis, it would be easy to get your writing material.

Also, writers would be informed about the basics regarding climate change whether they like it or not, since the topic has been viral for quite a time now. Sadly, not much has been done to improve the conditions and our planet continues to suffer the consequences of global warming. Hopefully, things will change for the better and you may even get some credit for it if this turns out to be the topic you want to talk about.

Political Science


There are two types of people. The first group consists of people who cannot shut their mouths when it comes to politics and the others who try to run away from the first most of the time. The joke on the side, politics affects everyone who breathes the air, whether we like it or not, and that makes it an interesting subject to write about. We all know who the current president and his rival are.

Although they represent the actual and the most available source of information you are not obliged to write about it. When it comes to the material regarding any essay topic that may come to your mind, websites such as Essay.biz. are the place where you may find what you are looking for. Former presidents, other political figures, wars and truces, former and future conflicts and affairs, etc… Politics never fail to provide interesting writing, and therefore reading material.

Physical Science


Fun fact about physical science is that it became a part of the mainstream since the time of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and has remained a part of pop culture ever since. Since not only physics is a part of this topic, the themes you may consider putting into your essay are numerous.

Whether you want to talk about alternative forms of energy, the role of chemistry in modern electrical devices, or how nuclear powerplants affect Arctic ice, the field of information related to this topic is vast. On the other hand, you do not have to write about nowadays questions regarding physical science. Namely, you may write an essay about historical figures that not only marked the era they lived in but came to the findings that affect the present.

Social Science


Throughout history, individual cultures managed to impose their traditions, beliefs, and rituals upon others. Nowadays, although this statement is not globally accepted, humanity cherishes diversity more than ever. What you could write about is the contemporary coexistence of fundamentally different societies. Namely, several topics could be drawn out of that single main subject.

Whether you want to write about the collective influence of contrasting philosophies, or about mutual features developed separately, varieties coming from the source are multiple. Not only may you write about cultures in general, but you may handle the other cultural topics either global or local. Depending on the approach, the themes you write about may interest a specific audience or they may be intended for readers without previous knowledge on the subject.

Whatever you choose to write about, bear in mind that someone is going to read that. Since you are the wielder of the pen, consider giving your readers a pleasant experience. Carefully pick your essay topic from any field that makes you feel cozy and acquire the material you need through extensive research. On the other hand, stay within the borders of a style that you are comfortable with and avoid using complicated phrases that lead nowhere but confuse the reader instead.