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Best 10 American Screenwriters

by William Gist

The movie industry would never be as good as it is now if it wasn’t for these 10 American screenwriters. You’ve heard about them all, but have you watched the best things they’ve ever written? Check out our list and see if you’ve missed some of their work.

1. Quentin Tarantino


Probably the best screenwriter of all time. Tarantino is quirky, unique, sometimes even hard to digest, but definitely a mastermind. No matter what he touches it turns into a masterpiece and people all around the world know him and love him.

He’s not only a writer, but he is also a director, producer, and actor. You’ve seen many of the movies he’s been in or wrote, and some of the best known include Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Inglourious Basterds, and Django Unchained. If you haven’t seen these movies, you have to do it as soon as possible, and start exploring Quentin’s filmography if you want to enter a whole new world.

2. Francis Ford Coppola


When you think about professionals and amazing creators, one of the first names that come on your mind is Coppola. He is 81 years old now and he definitely made a difference in the movie industry.

The masterpiece that everyone knows him for is the Godfather trilogy, and no matter if you love or hate the movie, you have to admit is one of the best things that ever happened in the film industry. Other things that you’ve probably seen by Ford include One from the Heart, Apocalypse Now, and The Rainmaker.

3. Woody Allen


Allen is another person who made a huge difference in the world of films that we know and love today. Ever since the late 50s, he’s been shaping this industry and we thank him for everything that he’s done. As you already know, he is not only a screenwriter, but he is also a comedian, actor, and producer.

He’s written more than 80 movies and TV shows and some of his best work includes Irrational Man, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and September.

4. Christopher Nolan


Nolan is one of the youngest people on this list, but he’s definitely left his print when it comes to screenwriting. Most people say that his movies finally removed the dust from the Batman series and that he is the person who made people fall in love with his superhero after decades of unsuccessful tries.

He’s also responsible for the Memento masterpiece and he also wrote the story of the Man of Steel. Another thing you probably didn’t know that was created by Nolan is Inception, and this is one of the best movies according to experts and movie lovers all around the world.

5. Scott Cooper


Scott Cooper, Miami, Florida is not only an American screenwriter, but also a director, actor, and producer. He’s gotten a lot of awards for his work and you probably recognize him from Out of the Furnace, Hostiles and Crazy Heart.

As a person, he’s been actively connecting with his fans through social media, and people who’ve worked with him say that Scott Cooper is one of the most pleasant people you can ever meet. The world is expecting A Head Full of Ghosts and Antlers that should come out in the next year.

6. Paul Schrader


Another screenwriter that has changed the world of films, and he’s been an active part of it since the early 70s. Schrader has written almost 30 movies and shows, and he’s been the director of more than 25 of them.

Taxi Driver is one of his most popular works, and other movies you really have to check out include The Last Temptation of Christ and Raging Bull.

7. Jordan Peele


If you are a fan of thrillers and horror movies, you’ve definitely heard about Peele. Even though most of us recognize him as an actor, Jordan is actually one of the best writers in the industry.

Get Out and Us are some of his most famous works, and this 41-year-old actor, writer, producer, and director has written 15 different screenplays. The Twilight Zone is one of his most successful works when it comes to TV shows, and Candyman is something people all around the world are expecting to come out this year.

8. Charlie Kaufman


Kaufman is the reason we have one of the best movies of all time – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He is also responsible for Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and 15 other masterpieces that we all know and love.

This producer, director, and writer is one of the most famous names in Hollywood and people who’ve worked with him say he’s also one of the best people you can ever work with.

9. Ethan Coen


Academy award winner, Ethan Coen is a 62-year-old American producer, writer, and director. He’s written more than 35 different scripts, and not many people can say they’ve done that. Coen has 4 Oscars for his works and you probably know most of the movies he’s been a part of.

Some of the most famous works by this writer include The Man Who Wasn’t There, The Big Lebowski, and, of course, Fargo.

10. Robert Towne


Towne has been a part of the New Hollywood wave of movie production, and he’s made a lot of difference in this industry. Roman Polanski’s Chinatown was the reason why Towne got his own Academy award and you’ve probably seen most of the movies he’s been a part of.

Even though he is 85 years old, he is still a large part of the film industry, and some of his most famous works include The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Tequila Sunrise, and the Mission: Impossible – movies.

Do you have a favorite screenwriter? No matter if you love or hate these writers, you have to admit that they changed the industry we know today. Some of them have been a part of this world for decades, and some are still actively working to leave their print. These 10 American writers are some of the best actors, directors, and producers in the world, and we should be happy that we live in a time where we can freely watch their masterpieces.